Zoe & Rylie Here…

…shhhh don’t tell Mom that we hijacked her blog! We don’t want her to get mad. We don’t feel like we get enough face time so we figured while Mom was out gallivanting around on her vacation week we would let you in on our lives a little bit. K?
Ya know that sayin when the cats away the mice will play?
Ha! Yeah we sure do play only we do it when the proverbial cat is home.
Lets explore shall we?
Ah here we go this is me at my finest! I like to drag all the shoes that Mom and her friends leave by the back door. I don’t chew ’em I just chill out with ’em. Mom finds it hysterical that me in my 5 pound glory can drag her size 10 boats all the way to the living room. Don’t mess with me.
Then there is always the bone! What dog does not like their bone? I LOVE mine! Funny thing is they are always bigger than I am. I don’t mind because I always get through it.
Okay okay enough about you Zoe it’s my turn!
Hi everyone I am Rylie! I can get into things like the best of them! Like the time I tried to eat the cheese and crackers RIGHT in front of everyone. Yup I got yelled at for that one. Do your self a favor and listen to my advice!
Mom learned real quick that I am a chewer! Like WOAH! She got me some chew toys lemme just say that I blew through some of them in a little as 10 minutes. I kid you not! Now she gets me dura bones. I like! Although one time she got me this Kong cloth thing. Yeah that sucker was gone in like 15 minutes.
In conclusion we like to drive Mom nuts but we love her and she loves us!
  Hugs, Nikki

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    Melissa says:
    April 26, 2012

    I love this post! Your furbabies are so cute!

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