Are YOU From Jersey?

If you are you are cordially invited to 
If you can make it please email me at and let me know where you are and what time would work for you. There is no time or place set yet because we are trying to find a place based on who all can make it and where a centrally located place would be. 
Sarah from 90 Percent Blonde and Jamie from Just a Jersey Girl and I were talking and we are super excited to be planning this and we would LOVE for all of us Jersey Bloggers to get together! 
  Hugs, Nikki

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    June 21, 2012

    Aaaaah! This sounds like SO much fun! I might be too far south to make it, but I’d definitely be interested.

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      June 24, 2012

      I’m pretty far south in NJ… Exit 67. Jersey means Jersey so it better include us southerners haha

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