Is That Normal?!?

So I stumbled across this fun little link up Is That Normal hosted by Allyce over at Chalk in the Rain thanks to Kate over at Classy Living. I thought it was super cute and wanted to play along. You should totally link up too! Just sayin’!
1. Is it normal to Google yourself? Well considering I do it every now and again I would have to say yes it is! 
2. Is it normal to pretend you are stuck in traffic as an excuse for being late? Can’t say that I have never done this. Is it normal? In my world not so much but again I have done it in the past do I make it a normal practice? Not so much so I would so no not so normal. Although I am sure a lot of people would say it is normal. 
3. Is it normal to have told someone they have bad breath? YES! Especially if you know the person. I usually just offer a piece of gum or a breath mint instead of flat out sayin hey your breath stinks. I try to keep it polite. TRY!
4. Is it normal to have worn the same undies 2 days in a row without washing them? Really? If you do this I have to say thats nasty gross! Either spring for new ones or wash the dirty ones. Ew! 
5. Is it normal to put baby powder in your hair to degrease? HECK yeah! I do this all the time! I seriously only wash my hair like 2 maybe 3 times a week. 
6. Is it normal to have accidentally sent a nasty text/email to the person the email/text was about? I have never done this but I know of people who have done it. Is it normal? I do not think it is. 
7. Is it normal to have lied to your doctor? NO! I don’t lie to my doctor because it is my health that I am dealing with but I know a lot of people DO actually lie to their doctor. I never understood why you would do this again considering it is your health you are dealing with. 
8. Is it normal to go an entire week eating cereal for dinner? HAHAHAHA! YES! I eat cereal for breakfast on a normal basis. What can I say I like breakfast for dinner. I also will eat eggs for dinner!  TOTALLY normal. 
9. Is it normal to pull clothes out of the dirty laundry to wear? Ew! No way! Was them then wear them. Although I will wear a sweatshirt or a pair of jeans twice before I wash them but I do not put them in the dirty laundry basket. 
10. Is it normal to re-gift a wedding gift? No. I think thats just flat out rude!
This is a new link up go play along! 
  Hugs, Nikki

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    Alissa says:
    June 5, 2012

    I’ve never sent a nasty text or email to the person I was talking about, but I did send a sappy one.

    “Oh so-and-so is adorable. I love talking to him.”

    Meant to go to my friend, really went to so-and-so.

    Holy embarrassing.

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    June 5, 2012

    Thanks for linking up today! I’m so glad I found someone who does the ol’ baby powder trick! I’ve tried dry shampoo but it doesn’t seem to do the trick…in fact it seems to make it worse!

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    Janna Bogert says:
    June 6, 2012

    This is cute! I totally use baby powder! My friend who’s a stylist gets on to me, but dry shampoo is just a spray powder, so there is really not that much difference. The panties thing is seriously gross. I even pack EXTRA on my trips, because a fresh pair of undies makes me feel renewed! Haha. Speaking of link ups, I know that you don’t need budget tips (because you are savvy) but you could share your tricks if you wanted to link up! Some girls are needin’ some help, so I want people that know what they are doing to participate 😉

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