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Today friends Jane from Taingamala is sharing an awesome recipe with us. I seriously can not wait to try it! 

I began my love affair with slow cookers when I got married. Prior, I had never used a slow cooker, in fact I didn’t even really know what they were. (Shocking, I know.) But, just about everyone I knew getting married had one on their registry. So, I put one on mine.

Once, I got one I could not stop using it. I am a slow cooker addict. It gets used multiple times a week. Why do I love it so much? Let me paint you a picture. It’s Friday, I haven’t been grocery shopping in weeks and the last thing I want to do on a Friday night is grocery shopping. I am a 20-something after all. I have to have a little pride, I’m suppose to be out on the town on Friday night. Even if I go to bed at 9.

So, here I am, trying to plan out dinner out of odds and ends around the house. There are a few boneless skinless chicken breasts in the freezer, part of a taco seasoning kit, a couple 1/2 empty jars of salsa, a brick of Neufchatel cheese (a fancy name for light cream cheese). PSC (pre-slow cooker) I would stare at these ingredients thinking it was time to order pizza. ASC (after slow cooker) with a little help from my friend Meghan, I know a tasty meal can be prepared.

Creamy chicken slow cooker tacos.
Seriously, one of the easiest meals and it is so good. Husband approved. It’s great when I only have a few odds and ends laying around the kitchen.

Throw a few boneless skinless chicken breasts in the slow cooker. Dump a packet of taco seasoning on top and  pour whatever salsa you have lying around. Enough to cover the chicken. I had 1/2 jars of red and green salsa so I dumped them both in.

Put the crock pot on low and cook for 6 hours. (High for 3-4)
30 minutes prior to done, put the brick of Neufchatel on top and let it melt.  

Take chicken out, shred, return to pot, and stir.
Serve in taco shells with beans, sour cream, and your favorite taco toppings.

 Bon appetit! 


Could that get any easier? I think not! I must try this! 
Do you use a slow cooker? If so what is your favorite recipe?

  Hugs, Nikki

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