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Now I am gonna be honest I am not sure how much of a introduction this next lady needs. Most of us all know her and love her. Little sassy pants Raven is here today to share how to stay cool in the dog days of summer. 


Hey there! I’m Raven and I blog over at A Momma’s Desires and Pacifiers.

Satan called. He wants his weather back. I don’t know if that rings true where you live, but for me? I can deal with the high nineties. I love the high nineties, but when I read on my car temp gage that it’s 105 out?
I mean, you get burned walking into the grocery store. And then when you come back out, your leather seats are singeing hot and the inside of your car is a full-on sauna. So what do you do to stay cool?
I may be no expert in the arena, but I do have a few of my own little tips and remedies…so allow me to share. (I know most of these are no-brainers, but I tried to put a little “twist” on each one.)
Stay hydrated. Drinks lots of water. The sky is blue. All givens, right? It’s no secret that I like to indulge in the nectar every once in a while, and when it’s so hot out, I tend to get a little miserable, so I like to drink something that gets me to my happy place. But. I also want to stay hydrated, and we know alcohol is a hydration-sucker.
Solution? I hydrate and add alcohol. (Is it just me or does this post seem like it could have been written by a five year old so far?) One of my fave hot day drinks is bacardi, perrier water and a little squeeze of lemon juice. The bacardi gets the job done, while the perrier keeps my insides moist. Throw in fruit of your choice and bam, you’re set.


Next. Go swimming. Find someone who has a pool.

Swimming always cools you off.

My twist?

Swim naked.


On a totally serious note, isn’t swimming naked like, the best feeling ever?

And finally, if all else fails, park yourself in front of the TV with the AC blasting.

Better yet, go troll for a super rich guy and have him build you this:


That’s right. Now you can swim, drink and watch tv at the same time.

If that’s not your style, rig yourself up something like this:


Seems easy enough.
Keep cool friends.


There ya have it ladies? Swim naked with a drink and watch TV in the AC. Doen’t get much simpler than that now does it?
What do you do to stay cool in this crazy hot a$$ weather?

PS. I am over at Sarah’s blog today doing a little guest post! Fancy! Go say hi! 
  Hugs, Nikki

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