Is That Normal Men vs. Women

I was blog hopping today and I stumbled onto Chalk in the Rain. I was reading her Is That Normal link up post and was laughing my behind off.
Now it’s a well known fact that I am indeed single, BUT I am friends with guys so I called one of my best guy friends -who from here on out will be known as Lobster– and proceeded to ask him these questions…
1. Is it normal for 2 men to hug?
ME: Guys who do that hand shake half hug thing is fine. A full on hug? IDK to me thats just kinda weird?
2. Is it normal to gag on your toothbrush while brushing your teeth?
ME: No. Not normal at all. I don’t understand people who do this either. 
HIM: Only if you are brushing your tounge. 
3. Is it normal to wear the same bra daily?
ME: Daily not so much but I will wear the same bra twice before I wash it especially if I only had it on a few hours. If I had it on ALL day that sucker is getting washed! 
Him: No
4. Is it normal for grown women to frequently use the words “like” or “um” while speaking?
ME: What would you consider frequently? As in every other word? No not normal, but using it here and there? Sure that’s totally normal. 
HIM: Yes. Yeah it’s normal. 
5. Is it normal to eat cake batter/dough?
ME: HECK YEAH! I do not know one woman who does not do this! 
HIM: No that’s not normal. 

6. Is it normal to go “commando” in public/at work?
ME: Ew. Not so much
HIM: That’s not normal. 
7. Is it normal to have long toenails?
ME: That why pedicures were invented. GET THEM! They are amazing! A M A Z I N G!!!!!! Not to mention long toenails is nasty gross! 
8. Is it normal to try on a article of clothing in the middle of the store?
ME: Well I can’t say its not normal to this! Do ya’ll remember the time I tried on a skirt over my shorts in the middle of XXII? Notice the face! 
HIM: Yeah I guess that’s normal. 
9. Is it normal to tell someone to be quiet or “shhh” someone in a quiet setting? IE: church, movie theater, meeting, ect. 
ME: I don’t do this but this has been done to me. Not that I am a loud or anything. No not me. 
HIM: Yeah. 
10. Is it normal to change clothes multiple times before leaving the house?
ME: HECK YEAH! Heck I do it ALL.THE.TIME! Total girl thing though not so much a guy thing.
HIM: Yeah I guess. That’s normal. It’s ok. 

Lobster is a man of many words isn’t he?
So tell me what is normal to you?
  Hugs, Nikki

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    Katie says:
    July 17, 2012

    It’s not shopping if I don’t try on clothes in the middle of the store!!!!

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