The Time I Took The Girls To Alis

Another weekend has come and gone and we have found ourselves staring Monday morning in the face AGAIN.
How was everyones weekend?
Mine was good! Saturday I got up and teamed with one of my favorite instructors and then did a whole lotta nothing for the rest of the day. I even wound up taking a 20 minute cat nap on the couch while watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Yup it was heavenly!
Sunday I had all intentions of going to combat but yeah that didn’t work out to well for me. I wound up sleeping till 10am getting up getting dressed and headed to Alis for the day. I even brought the girls with me.
When Ali and I get together you can just about always count on us doing something crafty or that involves baking and that is exactly what happened. Along with a trip to the base to get some “Attack of the killer wasp” spray.
Since it was so nice out yesterday we wanted to sit out back and chit chat for a bit. We figured we would put the umbrella up and sip on our lemon water and relax. Sounds like a good idea right? Well I go to crank up the umbrella because Ali was afraid there would be a snake in it or some crazy thing like that and low and behold there was the start of a wasp nest in the umbrella.
WASPS: 1 Nikki & Ali: 0
EFFFFF you wasps we will get you!
Off to the bas we went.
We ran to the BX to get the wasp spray and in true Nikki form while we were there I managed to walk into the grass seed spreader and then proceeded to walk into something else.
Way to go Nick way to go!
Then we wondered over to the commissary and I found this…
I INSISTED that Ali needed to buy me is. Seriously I was like a 5 year old and mom told me no. FAIL!
We were on a mission to make s’more cookies
but we needed to pick up a few things for them plus we needed to get something for dinner.
Ours turned out really yummy! We made some with the chocolate on top and some with just marshmallows on top. I personally like the ones with JUST marshmallows on top because there was chocolate chips in the dough and the chocolate on top was just a little much.
We also made these yummy peanut butter energy balls.
We got the idea and recipe from pinterest of course!
The only thing is the recipe called for flax seed and we didn’t have any so we omitted it. They are still yummy!
Ali is a crafter. If you follow her blog you would know this. I however am not. Now whenever I go to Alis she always tries to get me to try a craft, well this time she piked my interest. She told me how to makes these neat little sun catchers. I can not say I am a crafter!
GO ME! I will even be cool and tell ya’ll how to make these fancy shamancy thingies!
It’s really easy! Find a friend who is a crafter a la Ali. I can almost bet you they will have what you need. In this case you need some beads and a baking tin and a oven!
Put your beads in a pattern you like in the tin
Now if you know me you know that this is a HUGE accomplishment for me because I do not have patients AT ALL!
Then you throw that bad boy in a oven at 400 and let it melt.
Yeah thats me and Zoe sitting and waiting.
Lets see what else?
Oh yes!
While we were at the BX I got Rylie a new ball.
She seemed to enjoy it.
Overall it was a good day and clearly a day that everyone enjoyed.
Wanna see some creepy salt and pepper shakers?
Leave it to Bill and Ali to have something like this!
Oh and wanna see what happened when we introduced Baby Kitty and Rylie to each other?
  Hugs, Nikki

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    July 2, 2012

    Those s’more cookies look so yummy!! Where did you find those salt & pepper shakers? Hilarious!

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    July 3, 2012

    Omg that s’mores thing is awesome!! They come up w the coolest creations! Those cookies look delicious!!

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    Mama2Kayden says:
    July 3, 2012

    OMG, I want some of those S’more cookies! They look amazingly yummy! What kind of dog is Rylie? She’s adorable! The introduction to the kitty was just hysterical!

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