A Day in the Life of a Dog Trainer

So my friend Lobster is a dog trainer. Not to mention he is a pretty damn good one at that. He has worked with Rylie and I have seen her improve LEAPS and BOUNDS since I brought her home as a puppy.
He is currently working with these two ADORABLE Cane Corso puppies. They are about 18 weeks old and they are BEASTS!
So the other day I went with him on one of his appointments with Thunder and Lightening -how freaking adorable are those names!- and we brought along Rylie. Why? Well apparently the owners of Thunder and Lightening said that they loose their marbles when they see another dog go walking by on leash. 
Well after their little training secession Lobster was sitting on the front stoop with all three dogs and I happened to snap a picture and seriously the faces are PRICELESS!
Thunder is the black dog, Lightening is the grayish looking one and we all know Rylie is the brindle and white munchkin. 
So lets study this picture shall we? Rylie looks like she is trying to be all tough and get in Lightenings face. Meanwhile Lightening is looking at Rylie like “REALLY?!?” Thunder looks like hes about to bite Rylie in the ass. Then we have Lobster. His face! OMG totally looks like he is thinking WHAT THE F*CK did I get myself into? 

Ps. I was featured on the FitFluential blog today! I shared my weight loss story with the world! 

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Niki says:
    August 8, 2012

    Does he ever do work up by me? My shepherd mix will not stop barking every time a dog walks by the house or a leaf blows!!! We had a trainer when we first rescued our pit bull because he was terrified of absolutely everything – he helped us tremendously with the pittie but he wouldn’t help us with Jessie’s barking (I honestly think he didn’t know what to do).

    Cute doggies 🙂

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