NJ Color Run September 2012

NJ Color Run.
That marks Color Run number 2!
The difference between the two?
NJ was conplete chaos!
Seriously the NY Color Run was so much better organized!
So how did it all go down?
Well Mrs. Newlywed Giggles and her friend meet me and Lobster at my house before we rolled out to Raceway Park.
All was good till we got about 4 miles from our destination.
Seriously I wanted to die!
The traffic was out of control.
After sitting in seriously 2 hours of traffic I basically said F*ck this and parked my truck about a mile from the track and hoofed it.
SOOOOO glad we did that.
We FINALLY get to the starting line and took off running.
Thats when chaos started.
Good chaos this time.
I started it this time around.
Green powder paint ALL.OVER Lobsters head.
He retailated.
Mrs. Newlywed Giggle and I ran together for a bit.
Lobster caught up with an interesting set of characters.
Yup they had beer with them.
At the Color Run.
And yes they are carrying a log.
Why not?

Lobster and I ran off after Mrs. Newlywed Giggles and I caught up with the rest of her friends.
Needless to say we finished before them.
We waited for then at the after party.



Did I mention Lobster manages to ALWAYS find the odd balls in a group!
Mrs. Newlywed Giggles and her crew came across the finish line and we caught up with them again.
Lobster and I had to split before the rest of the group because we had to go pick up a dog.
On the way out I got the pleasure of meeting Sarah from 90% Blonde
Can we say such a sweetheart! 
Girl we need to meet up again soon! 
I had gotten the 5 dollar package for the professional pictures like I did for NY but we got there so late and finished the run so late that the line was CRAZY LONG.
I was not waiting for that. 
No professional NJ Color Run pics. 
You can see the NY one HERE.
So yeah.
NJ Color Run 2012 was a success overall.
Can’t wait for the next one. 
I entered to win a trip to the Hawaii Color Run.
A girl can dream no?
  Hugs, Nikki

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    September 11, 2012

    If you go to Hawaii, you are taking me and NOT lobster. just sayin….

    I also didn’t wait for the pics. Womp.

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