This Week In Workouts…

So now that life is slowly getting back to normal it is time to get back into the swing of things with this here little blog o mine. 
It’s Sunday and Sundays in my blog world means This Week In Workouts with Tara
I have to be honest Thank GOD both of my gyms got power back quickly after Sandy hit because honestly that was the only thing that kept me sane. 

Sunday 10/28/12
Rest Day
Monday 10/29/12
Forced Rest Day thanks to Sandy
Tuesday 10/30/12
The gym was closed due to power outages and I was going stir crazy so I decided to take a ride to my house to go assess the damage. I was able to get to my house but I was not able to get my truck out so I wound up having to walk 2.5 to 3 miles before my mom was able to pick me up. I am not 100% accurate on the distance because I did not think to track it but just knowing how far it is from my house to where mom picked me up I estimated it. 
Wednesday 10/31/12
One of my gyms got power back! I was so excited! 
BodyStep @ The Club for the second time ever! I was so scare I was gonna miss the step and eat it but thankfully I did a good job with it! I even decided that I want to try to throw in a Step class maybe once a week. I also stayed and did BodyCombat.
Thursday 11/1/12
Since not every gym in the area was up and running there were seriously like 5 BodyCombat instructors at The Club so we did BodyCombat Roulette. Basically one instructor started with track one when they were done they picked another instructor and so on and so forth. We all wound up teaching 2 tracks each. Fun and something that I would love to see happen more often but it wont only because we all teach at different places usually. 
Friday 11/2/12
My other gym was up and running so I headed there for a little change of scenery. I wound up team teaching BodyCombat @ RWJ
Saturday 11/3/12
1/2 BodyStep class @ The Club I only did half because I got to the gym late. I was not gonna go in but when I got there I was called out by the instructor so I couldn’t say no. 
BodyPump @ The Club
BodyCombat @ The Club
Sunday 11/4/12
Rest Day
Monday 11/5/12
BodyCombat Past Chorey Review. I like to review old Combat chorey every now and then just so I don’t forget past releases. 
Tuesday 11/6/12
Team Taught Combat @ RWJ. The normal instructor is trying to get her numbers up in her class so she has asked me to team with her on Tuesday nights when ever I can and want. The only thing that sucks about this class is the time. It’s a 8pm class which in my world is late. It is what it is and I will help her out plus it is experience for me. 
Free Weights on My Own
Wednesday 11/7/12
Rest Day
Got Power Back at My House!!!!!
Thursday 11/8/12
Rest Day
Cleaned House
Friday 11/9/12
BodyPump @ RWJ
BodyCombat @ RWJ. I went to RWJ with the sole purpose to work out not to team or anything I just wanted a honest to goodness good ass kicking. I went through CX and Pump and was feeling good. I got to Combat and the instructor asked me if I wanted to come up front with her so I did. I wound up doing the cool down which was fine. I wasn’t looking to teach anyway. I actually enjoy shadowing from time to time. 
Saturday 11/10/12
Rest day. 
Restocked the house with food and wine. Can’t like I also got some Cafe Patrone. 
So yeah THANK GOD both of my gyms were up and running because it was the only thing that got me through the past 2 weeks. 
  Hugs, Nikki

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    Tara says:
    November 11, 2012

    You are the group ex queen! You have inspired me to get back to the team and team teach BodyStep with a friend next weekend!!
    I haven’t taught a class in months…I better get practicing my choreography!

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