Pinned It & Nailed It!

Who hasn’t seen this pin floating around Pinterest?
I think we all have it pinned to some board.
Well Sunday I thought I would take a stab at it.
I mean come on how hard could it really be?
I woke up Sunday and I was in a mood. 
A mood to bake so set out to the store to get my supplies. 
The pin called for pretzel rounds. 
I used pretzel squares because Stop & Shop didn’t have the rounds. 
I wondered to the candy isle and went to get red and green Holiday M&M’s and what do ya know?
Enter red and green holiday PEANUT BUTTER M&M’s.
Ok I’ll take em! 
I got home and got to work. 
I lined my cookie sheet with some wax paper lined up the pretzel squares and started to take all the foils off the Hershey Kisses. 
Do you have any idea how frigging tedious it is to do that?
Yeah not a lot of fun but hey whateves. 
I poped a kiss on each pretzel and threw gently placed the cookie sheet in the oven set at 175* for 5 minutes. 
Pulled em out and put the M&M’s on top. 
Little bites of heaven! 
Honestly friends I think going with the Peanut Butter M&M’s is better than the regular ones because it gives it a little more taste. 
I think IF I make them again for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I will use the Peanut Butter M&M’s and the Mint M&M’s.

No go and make them they are totally worth the work!


  Hugs, Nikki

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    December 20, 2012

    YUMMMMMMY! I’ve been wanting these ever since you posted pics over the weekend.

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    December 20, 2012

    These are one of my staple holiday items! I don’t think they make the circle pretzels anymore so I’ve always used the windowpane ones. I put them in the over at 250* or so since they melt better. Last year I bought regular M&Ms since that’s all I could find and picked out the red and green. This year I went with mint chocolate M&Ms and peppermint white chocolate M&Ms!

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    December 20, 2012

    I’ve never made these, but I’ve made the rolos on a pretzel. I totally agree with you..unwrapping each individual piece of candy gets kinda old. They should seriously make a bag of certain candies that come unwrapped just for cooking!!

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    lil desiqua says:
    December 21, 2012

    I actually hadn’t seen this pin but looks easy and delicious!

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    Janna Renee says:
    December 22, 2012

    Yuuuum! I have done a lot of stuff lately. I need to blog about them!

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