When A Tweet Gets You PISSED

Friends I need to vent for a minute.
I normally don’t let things like this get to me but sometimes things strike a nerve and I need to let it out.
I also do not normally talk about politics on my blog because I do not want to even open that can of worms however this is MY Life MY Way and its MY Blog so I can do what I want. 
Last month I had posted a tweet about how I was concerned that my company may be going on strike due to not having our contract settled.
I wish I could find the actual tweet I sent out but I can’t right now. 
But it was very similar to this one…

I got a text message from one of my twitter friends who asked me if I had seen a tweet that was retweeted by someone that they thought was in response to my tweet.
I did not.
Said person then sent me the tweet…
Now I honestly do not think that this tweet was in any way directed towards me directly but none the less it pissed me off!

You can tell because I favorited the tweet and now am blogging about it.

Just for the record not everyone who strikes is striking because they do not like their job. I have been at my job for 9 years now and yes there are times I get frustrated with it but that is life and I am sure everyone gets frustrated from time to time with their job.

With that said let me just say that the reason we are POSSIBLY going to be striking is not because we do not like our job. We may be striking because we have a contract that has not been settled. We are striking because the “higher ups” are looking to cut jobs which means I could possibly LOOSE my job. They are talking about taking away our medical benefits. REALLY?!?! Most of us work outside in the elements and we get sick from time to time from being in the extreme heat in the summer and the extreme cold in the winter. We get hurt on the job. I personally have gotten hurt on the job and was outta work for 6 months because of it. If I don’t have medical benefits I would have be screwed. They are also talking about MAJOR pay cuts. This is only the tip of the ice burg. These are only some issues that the “higher ups” need to figure out and find the best resolution that is gonna benefit EVERYONE. Our union reps are working diligently with said “higher ups” to come up with a way of making everyone happy. Also please don’t get me wrong I know I am very lucky to have my job. I do not take that for granted AT ALL!

With all that said just take a minute and think about the impact that this strike could have on me and my coworkers. That is not all though, let me just tell you that this strike would also have the possibility of impacting ALL OF YOU as well. What? How is that? Well, since I work in the shipping industry everything that comes in and out of the country comes through the ports and since our master contract includes all the ports from Maine to Texas if we strike we all strike!


So please if you have a issue with people striking just think of the impact that this specific strike could have on me, my coworkers and all of America for that matter.

Do you guys see get the severity of that?
This is MAJOR! 

Fingers crossed, and prayers that we do not strike and that the contract will be settled in time!


  Hugs, Nikki

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    P!nky says:
    December 17, 2012

    I’m sorry someone was disrespectful.

    I know what a strike can me, but I’m on the other side.

    When the union went on strike last year, management had to assume their jobs and it was kind of crazy.

    I just hope everyone can come together and NOT let a strike happen.

    Sending prayers and good vibes to you!


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    Michael Z says:
    December 17, 2012

    I highly doubt that was directed at you as well, but nonetheless that’s irritating. That’s someone who clearly does NOT know the power of a strike. I’ve never considered strikers as people who don’t like their jobs. They strike for all the reasns you listed. I hope for your and your coworkers it doesn’t happen.

  3. avatar
    Jen says:
    December 17, 2012

    Oh no! 🙁 Really hoping that everything gets settled!

  4. avatar
    December 18, 2012

    I’ve been praying for you and your job. No one likes going on strike 🙁


  5. avatar
    Shannon says:
    December 19, 2012

    Twitter has been driving me crazy lately with the comments. I hope there’s no strike! Fingers crossed

  6. avatar
    SEL says:
    December 27, 2012

    People are so ignorant sometimes. I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been absent from twitter a lot lately. It’s just not the way it was 4 years ago when I first joined.


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