“She’s Mean”

Hey Friends! 
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Last night my long lost mission of being called mean by a member has been accomplished! And no I am not talking about the time Kenya came to my class although she was pretty happy she didn’t die!

So OK check this out I was home it was like 6:45ish and I am minding my own business lifting and getting myself ready mentally for combat when all of a sudden my phone starts to blow the eff up.


So I look and see it is my friend Sue who happens to be the instructor who teaches in OB on Tuesday nights. She asks me if I wanted to teach track 7-10 of 51
Sure why not?!?!

Well then I realize I have not taught those tracks in a YEAR! Yes you read that right track 7-10 of BC51 I have not taught in a year so I stop lifting to review tracks. 
At this point it is now 6:15 and my phone is starting to blow up again but this time by Katie asking if I have a black or red shirt because Sue wanted her to wear red and black to coordinate with us. 
No sorry Katie my shits in the laundry. 
Katie tells me she has a black and purple shirt on. Thankfully Sue and I had gone shopping at the Quarterly on Sunday and just so happened to get the new purple BC shorts so I shoot Sue and message and told her to wear purple.
 All is well in the world. 
So I go to the gym and I am all ok I got this I will just rely on my muscle memory to get me through the tracks right? I was not too worried about 9 and 10 because 9 is the core track and I rotate them all the time anyway and 10 is the cool down and as long as I hit all the major muscle groups were good. 
So I nailed 7 no issues and then 8 rolls in. Top half I come to the part where it SHOULD have been double jab cross and I start throwing jab crosses. I feel its off I tell the class no worries we’ll just correct it on the back end. Second half of the track I nail it. Track is over and all of a sudden I hear comments from the peanut gallery…


Thanks Gina I know! Mission accomplished!

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Yes this is what we do after a successful class!


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  Hugs, Nikki

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    KT says:
    March 20, 2013

    LOL! Great times last night! I think all three of us were a little off but it’s alright, everyone had fun and no one got hurt! And Gina said you were mean. WIN!

  2. avatar
    P!nky says:
    March 20, 2013

    WOOHOO work it out girl!

    Being mean is the best when training!

  3. avatar
    SEL says:
    March 20, 2013

    Great job! My favorite Les Mills instructors were always the ones that kicked my arse.

    And look at you, Ms. Fierce!

  4. avatar
    Kenya says:
    March 20, 2013

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA… I love how you referenced my post. I just read it again and cracked myself up.

    Now go “pulse” somewhere…


  5. avatar
    Mary Long says:
    March 20, 2013

    Being called mean in this situation would really inflate by ego – LOL
    Well done!!

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