My "Office" Currently

What’s up party people?!?!
So remember last week I said that this is my office?
 photo IMG_4741-1_zps0c2811f0.jpg
Well can I just tell you I freakin LOVE it!
Remember when I linked up for the What Do You Do post?
Well, this is one of the times I love my job!
Why would I love it so much?
Well as long as I am out here I am alone and no one is bothering me! It’s simply me, myself and I. I come in do what I gotta do and keep myself entertained.
My day is also a lot more active when I work outside. I park my car as far away as I possibly can in the parking lot and make my way to the shack to sign in. On my walk to the shack I get to walk past the straddle carriers.
 photo IMG_4805_zps7c3712bb.jpg
From there I make my way out to my “office” or as I like to call it my tin can. Picture a toll booth. That is my office. I am out here because my company is getting ready to roll out a new system company wide but they wanted to test run it with one steam ship line only for the time being. So they decided to use BCL since it’s the smallest line on the pier.
 photo IMG_4780_zps32d4301b.jpg
Basically I sit in my tin can and truckers bring in containers I processes them in and call it a day.
However like I said its the smallest line so it’s not that busy. Most of the time my lanes look like this…
 photo IMG_4779_zps2750d117.jpg

The other way I keep busy is by downing water and walking 800 miles to the bathroom.

 photo IMG_4755_zpsaf566c8f.jpg

Ok so it’s not really 800 miles but round trip I would say its a solid 1/4 mile or so?
I don’t mind.

As long as I have my phone, computer and iPad I am good to go. I listen to country music, I go over my choreography for classes and I do whatever I want.

 photo IMG_4808_zpsf2a77847.jpg

It’s awesome.
I wish this was going to be a permanent thing but from what I understand it is only gonna last till like June 6. Form now to then I will be enjoying every last second!

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Jen says:
    May 17, 2013

    I would love that job! ­čÖé

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