We Like To Play With Guns

Hey friends!
Lets talk about guns today shall we?
And no I do not mean in the political way and all that jazz.
I mean in the we like to play with guns at the shooting range kinda way
By we I mean Mr. Big Truck, Mom, Ray, Hailie and I.
Last weekend at the Gun Club my Mom and Ray belong to was a NRA Youth Day. Mom and Ray had to work the event and they brought my niece Hailie along since she is part of the Gun Clubs Jr. League. Mr/ Big Truck and I ventured down to see Hailie shoot and we brought along his guns JUST IN CASE we were able to shoot. Ya know Just in case. 
When we got there there was a lot of kids at all different ranges shooting all different kinds of guns. One of the guns was a AR 15 223. Mr. Big Truck was watching others shoot it and you could see all over his face that he wanted to play as well. The guy who the gun belonged to asked him if he wanted to shoot it and I swear his face lit up like a little kids on Christmas.
 photo IMG_4852_zpsce3bd985.jpg
As soon as he was done he got up looked at me and said
“Please tell me you took a picture of that.”
Yes babe of course I did!
From there we watched Hailie shoot a bit. Let me tell you girlfriend is a damn good shooter!
 photo IMG_4851_zpsddee920c.jpg
Shes only been shooting for a few months and she’s on the Jr. League. That has got to mean something.
 photo IMG_4872_zpsdd6e27c3.jpg
Proud Aunt right here!
From there we went to the inside range to do a little shooting of our own.
 photo IMG_4861_zpsf5f0fc36.jpg
 photo IMG_4876_zpsaadb4dcf.jpg
I was shooting his .22. I personally like the .22.
Mr. Big Truck also pulled out his .357 revolver and we had some fun with that.
 photo IMG_4871_zps6b7d452f.jpg
We all took turns shootin that bad boy. Let me tell you that thing has some kick back to it.
I’m not gonna lie I was a little scared to shoot that bitch at first because I have never shot one but once I shot off one round I didn’t want to put it down.
Raymond’s comment…
“She likes it, that’s getting to be an expensive girlfriend.”
Thank Ray!
Mr. Big Truck also killed the little of the .45 ammo he had left and was all thug.
After we were done shooting we went to grab a quick bite to eat and I swear there is a bormance brewing.
 photo IMG_4873_zps51463d3c.jpg
It was a great day and we all had fun that is the important thing. I am sure there will be plenty more days at the range.

  Hugs, Nikki

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  1. avatar
    Kristine says:
    May 16, 2013

    Dang girl… You look GOOD shooting! 🙂 I keep begging my dad to take me to the range so I can shoot his rifle and he keeps trying to hold me back saying I’ll get hurt… Let me live a little pops! So what if I throw my shoulder out? 😉

  2. avatar
    Kenya says:
    May 16, 2013

    Glad you had fun!!!

  3. avatar
    Cece says:
    May 16, 2013

    You are bad A**! That is so cool. I’ve never shot a gun in my life. I want to give a try at least once so at some point I’m sure we’ll go to a shooting range.

  4. avatar
    Michael says:
    May 16, 2013

    Sounds like it was a great day. I’ve been meanign to get to the gun range by me for years. Still haven’t dne it, no surprise there.

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