I am a Rugged Maniac!

Guess who did the Rugged Maniac race this past weekend.
If you guessed Mr. Big Truck and I you guessed correctly!
 photo IMG_5806_zpsda6cdae7.jpg
We got to Englishtown and got all checked in and ready to go.
 photo IMG_5805_zpsfa01a0d3.jpg
The start of the race was a short run then the obstacles started. OMG it was so fun! We went through tires, carried tires over jumps, went through mud, climbed over walls, jumped over fire. All kinds of crazy things. It was a blast!
Mr. Big Truck wore his go-pro camera and is working on editing it down. When he does I will post that as well. For now you get the few pictures that we took.
 photo IMG_5802_zps08424788.jpg
We had a good group of people. Mr. Big Truck, Myself, his brother, his brothers wifes cousin and his wife and another friend of the family. We want to do it again and we want to get a larger group together next time. We found a mud run in Belmar in September and I think we are gonna do that one next!
 photo IMG_5808_zps7e059d39.jpg
I can’t wait for the next one!

  Hugs, Nikki

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  1. avatar
    P!nky says:
    July 16, 2013

    WOOHOO! Rock it out lady!


  2. avatar
    Pamela says:
    July 16, 2013

    Looks like a blast!!

  3. avatar
    Allie says:
    July 16, 2013

    It looks like you guys had a blast, good for you!!

  4. avatar
    Holly says:
    July 16, 2013

    This is crazy! I’m having a hard enough time just running 3 miles let alone doing all those crazy obstacles haha. It sounds like fun though and looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. avatar
    J and A says:
    July 16, 2013

    I totally want to do this! SO fun! I LOVE mud and mess!!

  6. avatar
    J and A says:
    July 16, 2013

    PS. Girl you are looking SO good!!!

  7. avatar
    Mary Long says:
    July 16, 2013

    I have not caught the mud run bug – not sure that I will. However, I think a big group is the way to go! It looks like more fun that way then just two or three people. I can’t wait to see what pictures make the cut!

  8. avatar
    kimmiep says:
    July 16, 2013

    I did Englishtown on Saturday morning and LOVED it! I am doing one in South Jersey next weekend and Pretty Muddy Ohio in September. I LOVE mud runs!

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