Zoe Here!

Hi Friends!
It’s me Zoe!
I’m currently sitting in the hospital waiting for my turn for surgery. While we wait lets take a look at this picture right here…
 photo IMG_5986_zps10f70a37.jpg
Now lemme tell you whats going on with me. I know Mom mentioned it but I wanna tell you more.
So I have a Luxating Patella in both of my hind legs. Basically its a floating knee cap. Mom and I have both known that I would eventually need surgery on it but the vet always said to wait till I was in pain or couldn’t put any weight on my leg.
Now normally it is not painful but recently my left leg has been bothering me. Last Thursday we were over at Mr. Big Trucks place playing in the yard. It was time to go in the house and get some water and relax and me and Rylie -the big moose that she is- ran to the step to go in. I was gonna go in first but Rylie in true Rylie fashion pushed her way through first and pushed me off the step. My leg buckled under me and I couldn’t put my leg down from then on.
We went to bed but I made sure that Rylie felt bad for me because I was hurting. She laid next to me till Mom put her in her crate.
 photo IMG_5949_zps5679342f.jpg
Friday morning we got up and I couldn’t put any weight on my leg. Mom called Gram and they were worried about me they took me to the vet.
 photo IMG_5950_zpsddea8e4a.jpg
I did my best to make Mom and Gram feel bad for me by giving them my “Oh woe is me feel bad for me” face. They obviously didn’t feel too bad for me because they took me to the vet and convinced the mean man to give me a shot of roids in my a$$. Sorry not so sorry for saying a$$.
Mom took me home and I laid around for the rest of the day. Over the next few days I was still in pain and couldn’t put weight on my leg. It hurt to much. Mom called around to a bunch of vets in the area and explained my situation and no on around would do the surgery that I needed. Mom and Gram were finally able to find a hospital that would do the surgery so Mom and Mr. Big Truck took me there yesterday.

We got there and man let me tell you this place was HUGE! 
They put me on the scale and Mom had a freak out because it said I was 3.5. What they didn’t tell Mom was that the scale was in Kilos and not pounds! Mom thought I lost 3 pounds in a week. That would have been bad. 
We went into the exam room and that’s when Dr. Staiger came in to check me out. At first I was okay with him. That is until he laid me on my side and started to mess with my legs. Apparently that idiot didn’t understand I was in pain so I kinda freaked out on him. I mean come on I have only been hopping around on 3 legs for a week. Dumb humans! Mr. Big Truck came to my rescue and stood by my side and comforted me. He’s so sweet. Keep him around Ma!
Anyway he confirmed that I had a grade 2 Patella Luxation on my right hind leg and a grade 3 on the verge of a grade 4 on the left. That is the bad one. He also thinks I may have torn my ACL. He said that I would need surgery and Mom said she saw that coming. He said he operates on Thursday and Fridays and that he just so happened to have a opening for Thursday the 25th. Yeah that would be today. Mom said she would leave me so he could do it. Gee great. Thanks Mom. 
They took me back for blood work and x-rays then brought me to see Mom and Mr. Big Truck to say goodbye. I tried again with the sad pitiful look hoping they would take me home with them but no dice. 
 photo IMG_5991_zpsdb4c2c74.jpg
I tried ignoring them thinking they wouldn’t leave me. 
 photo IMG_5992_zps322f6650.jpg
Then I gave them the feel bad and pitty me look. I managed to make mom cry but she still left me. Meanie head! 
I was told Mom called to check on me today. The nurse told her that I was doing well. They tried to give me some food last night but I wanted nothing to do with that. Mom told them that I wouldn’t eat it. She knows me so well. Anyway the nurse then ratted me out and told Mom that I was cuddling with Dr. Staiger this morning. My plan is to make friends with him so maybe he wont do the surgery. I will let you know how that works out for me. I am thinking not to well because I hear that I am going in sometime this afternoon. They said they would call Mom when I get out. 
So yeah thats whats up with me friends. I’m off to go sulk now. 
  Hugs, Nikki

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    Allie says:
    July 25, 2013

    Poor Zoe, it’s so difficult to leave your pet in the hospital. I hope she’s feeling better soon! Which hospital did you take her to?

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    July 25, 2013

    I was worried when I was your instagram last night. Trinket and I send our well wishes for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

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    Mary Long says:
    July 25, 2013

    Awe poor girl! I hope everything goes well. Prayers and hugs.

  4. avatar
    Jenn Thomas says:
    July 25, 2013

    Oh poor Zoe! (Cute post though!) I hope all goes well for your sweet doggy!!

  5. avatar
    Cass N says:
    July 26, 2013

    Poor little critter. It breaks my heart she’s in pain and hurting but I did love the post in ‘her’ eyes. I might have to do something like this with my critters. I loved it aside from the heartbreak.

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