Luke Bryan

It went down friends.
What you ask?
Yes friends I went there. Well actually WE went there. Who is we? My cousin Rich, his wife Andrea, Mr. Big Truck our friend Joe, and myself thats who!
Saturday after noon we all went to PNC Bank Arts Center in what was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day and set up camp. Mr. Big Truck took his truck and Richie brought his. We parked side by side and the next thing ya know tailgates were down, grill was up, the sofa was out, corn hole was set up, beers were flowin and fireball was present.
We even made friends. By we I mean Mr. Big Truck.
Richie did too but I totally slacked on the picture taking front this time. Andrea took a ton but she has all her pictures on Facebook and they are private so I cant embed them. Sorry!
So Florida Georgia Line opened the show and they were great! While they were doing Shine On -at least I think it was Shine On- my cousin Richie had a epphinie and all of a sudden busts out with “DUDE THEY SING THIS SONG?!?! I LOVE THIS SONG!”
Yes Richie they sure do!
Not gonna lie we all got a good laugh outta that one!
Thompson Square was next and they were great as well!
Luke came on all he was freaking awesome! One of the first songs he did was Someone Else Calling You Baby.  While he was doing it he grabbed a little girl from the audience and took her up on stage with him and girlfriend was ROCKIN’ out! She seriously knew EVERY word to the song! So stinkin cute!
And of course he did Crash My Party
Such a great show! I can’t wait for him to roll through again!
Next up on the concert list Blake Shelton next Thursday!

  Hugs, Nikki

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    August 29, 2013


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    Jen says:
    August 29, 2013

    He puts on such a good show!

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