Rylies Playdate & Pre-Workout Lessons Learned

Last week while Zoe was home being all gimp like Rylie and I had a play date with our friend Siobhan and her little mutt Mackenzie. Mackenzie is a Golden Retriever/Australian Sheppard mix who is just so sweet and laid back. Poor pup had no idea what the hell hit her when she meet Rylie.
Mackenzie and Siobhan meet Rylie and I at our place and we went to a local park to tire out the girls. We wound up walking the trails for a good 1.5/2 miles before we hightailed it outta there because the bugs were so freaking bad.
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We got back to my place and Siobhan and I being the freaks that we are were like “we need to workout some more what can we do?”
Then it dawned on me…
It was Tuesday.
Tuesday mean there is BodyCombat in Old Bridge.
We decided we needed to go. We downed some pre-workout and took off.
I decided I would try Siobhan’s pre-workout since the last time we worked out together she tried mine. I figured how bad could it be? I told her to mix me some up and I would down it. She says to me are you sure you don’t want to wait like 20 minutes? I was all nah its all good gimme that sh*t and lets go. We head out and we are driving down the road and all of a sudden I have this tingly feeling and feel like I am on speed and I have this laughing attack. Like I legit couldn’t stop laughing. What was I laughing at?

Totally stole this from Siobhan’s IG.

Yup friends that right there is EXACTLY why I do not take anything other than AdvoCare Arginine Extreme & AdvocCare MassImpact pre-workout anymore!
Lesson learned.

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Janna Renee says:
    August 2, 2013

    Haha gotta love pre-workout craziness! I should try that one bc, so far they end up making me feel nobueno.

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