Rough Times Brings Good Times…

Happy Day After Christmas Friends!

I hope y’all had a great holiday with your friends and family. I know we did! I was gonna do a recap of the holiday but really whats there to reacap? I do not want to go and post all the presents I go. I personally see no reason on gloating about what I got. I will however say that I am so so thankful and grateful for all the gifts that I got from my family. Everyone really put thought into what they got me and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

The one thing I will say is if you missed yesterdays post let me just re announce that Mr. Big Truck and I are expecting a baby girl! All of our family is super excited for us.

Do you ever stop and think…

“Wow look at where I am!”

I have caught myself doing this a lot lately.

Because I am really really happy with where I am in life finally. I have been thinking about life and how it has come full circle so to speak. Funny to think like that at 31 I know but follow me here. I have gone from single to dysfunctional relationship back to single back to dysfunctional relationship always wishing that I could “fix” whoever I was with at the time and make them “normal”. Whatever normal is. I would always think to myself and wish that my partner at the time would get their shit together and we could start a family together. All I wanted was a happy relationship with someone who I was proud to call my husband. I wanted to have a family with someone who would be a solid rock in my life and the life of my children. Apparently that was never in the plans for me with my exes and I am more than okay with that. Little did I know that the Big Guy upstairs knew EXACTLY what he doing with my life.
I sit back now and look at where I am and think He put me through those experiences to shape me and get me ready for the BEST relationship I have ever had! I have have dealt with abuse and I have dealt with an addict neither of which I would wish any even my worst enemy, now however I have Mr. Big Truck and he is just amazing. And because that is not enough we have a little baby girl on the way.
It’s funny because growing up I always wanted kids. Then I was in those terrible relationships and my thoughts on that changed. Hell I even did a whole post about how if I never had kids ever I would be okay with it. Funny thought because I also said that I had no desire to ever get married again and look at me now!
 photo IMG_7391_zps08b337b2.jpg
So what am I getting at? Life has started to come full circle for me and now it is my turn to start the cycle all over again with this little girl we are waiting on. We are going to do our damndest to make her as well rounded and well adjusted as we can. We will provide her with everything she will NEED and even some things she WANTS but she will ALWAYS know the difference. She will be raised with raised to have respect for herself and others. She will respect her elders and know when she is to be seen and not heard so to speak. She will have manors and she will know the difference between right and wrong. She will know she is expected to respond to someone when they ask her something and if it is someone who is older than her she will respond with ma’am or sir respectively. She will be raised knowing who God is and knowing that He loves her. She will also grow up knowing she has not one but TWO parents who absolutely adore her and love her unconditionally.

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Kenya says:
    December 26, 2013

    yes and yes and yes to all of this.

    I am so happy that you are happy with life.

    And that baby girl has to call me Kenya is Awesome at all times… just sayin.

  2. avatar
    December 26, 2013

    awww Nik! I love love love LOVE this! God knows exactly what He is doing and His timing is always perfect…even when it’s hard for us to realize the bigger picture. I’m so stinkin happy for you guys! Team baby girl!! 🙂

  3. avatar
    P!nky says:
    December 27, 2013

    It’s so stinkin’ crazy how life changes! I’m so happy for you and excited too!

    SO HAPPY it’s a girl!!! weee!

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    Mary Long says:
    December 28, 2013

    I love this post- every thing about it. Never lose sight of how YOU want to raise your girl. Raising a kid with manners and respect may come off as strict and believe me, people will give their negative opinions on that as well. Just remember you are doing this your way. You know what is best for her.

  5. avatar
    Janna Renee says:
    December 29, 2013

    It’s not that I had bad relationships before, but if it wasn’t for those relationships, I wouldn’t have met Will! I totally get it!

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