Weird Pregnancy Dreams

Hey friends!

So I don’t know if you know this but apparently when you are pregnant your mind decided it’s the perfect time to go all wild and crazy in the dream department. Like legit what the eff just happened kinda dreams. And not only are they odd but they are vivid. Vivid to the point I have woken up thinking to myself did that just seriously happen?

Dream 1:

A couple weeks ago -coulda been last week. Lately I don’t know what say it is or how much time has passed- I had a dream that my friend Angie and I were roommates living in Jersey with Rylie, Zoe and her dog, and Mr. Big Truck and her boyfriend were roommates out in Bosie. Mr. Big Truck and her boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to DRIVE cross country to come visit us for a weekend. WHAT?!? And because that is not odd enough we went all cleaning crazy and threw away EVERYTHING in the fridge and cabinets, scrubbed them like no tomorrow and then restocked them all. REALLY?!? While we were doing this the three musketeers -that’s what we called the dogs- were just sitting he there looking at us like we lost our minds because clearly we did! When I woke up the first thing I did after telling Mr. Big Truck about said dream and him laughing at me was text Angie and tell her what happened. We proceeded to laugh our butts off about said dream.

Dream 2:

This past Saturday morning I woke up from an odd dream. Apparently myself and some girlfriends were on vacation at the beach somewhere. We rented a condo and one day when we got back from spending the day at the beach we noticed that some of our things were missing. We didn’t think much of it and just looked around the condo thinking we had just misplaced our stuff somewhere. We got ourselves ready for the evening and went out. We came back called it a night and went to bed. The next day we all got up and got ready for the day and headed to the beach. When we got back we went to unlock the door and I noticed that it was slightly opened. We walked -I wow bright idea right?- and low and behold all our stuff was missing. WHAT?!? We started looking around the condo and we were all flat out confused. I walked out on the balcony -that overlooked the ocean- and called Mr. Big Truck to fill him in on what happened. While i was out there I heard a ruckus in the condo and then all of a sudden some dude walks on the balcony and tells me to give him my phone before he kills me. WHAT?!? So what did I do? I told Mr. Big Truck that I loved him and I chucked my phone out to the ocean punched the guy in his face ran in the condo and told the girls to run! We all ran outta the condo hopped in the truck and booked ass outta there. Then I woke up.


So these weird dreams got me thinking. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant I can only imagin what else I will dream about in the next 25 weeks or so. Should be interesting. Stay tuned for the next installment of Weird Pregnancy Dreams.

  Hugs, Nikki

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    P!nky says:
    December 9, 2013

    Eeeeeeeeeek! those are wicked crazy dreams. Hope they calm down asap!


  2. avatar
    Kenya says:
    December 9, 2013

    You are a weirdo.

  3. avatar
    Mary Long says:
    December 9, 2013

    Pregnancy dreams are insane! The next close thing would be nicotine patch dreams… Enjoy the ride!

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