2014 Goals

Happy Day 2 of 2014 friends! 
Hope y’all had a great New Years Eve and New Years Day! I know we enjoyed ourselves. New Years Eve Mr. Big Truck and I went to dinner at Bart’s Italian Cuisine. Neither of us have ever been there before and we were both looking forward to trying it out and we were both really pleased with the place. I can see us going back there again. We were both really taken with the quaintness of the place. The building is a old church and its a small place and really cozy. 
After dinner we went to the NYE service at the church we have been going to. It was more of a worship service and a service giving thanks to God for everything He has given us this year. We both really enjoyed it. While we were there we spoke to Pastor Joe about becoming members and it is something I think we are going to do this year. Exciting. 
After the service we headed to my friend Siobhans for a little bit. We were home and in bed by 11:30 and both of us passed out before the ball dropped. Oops! None the less we both enjoyed just being with each other. 
New Years Day we spent the afternoon and evening at Mr. Big Trucks brothers house. Every year his fathers side of the family gets together to spend time together. It was nice having everyone together. 

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over it is time to really evaluate where I am in life and set some goals I want to achieve this year. I have been thinking for the past few days/weeks about things I want to accomplish this coming year. I will start off with the broader topics first. 
Personal Goals:
Foul mouth oh man do I have one at times. It has gotten a lot better but it is not totally under control and I need to get it there. I want to take more pictures using our DSLR and I want to talk to my friend Siobhan about teaching me how to shoot in manual more. I want to continue to blog for us. I want to and WILL set good examples for Little Miss as she grows. Sometimes I do not always see the positive in situations and stress over the little things I am going to make it a point to do that this year. I know I can get caught up in the negative of things and lets be honest that is not good for anyone! I also want to take time and really be in the moment more not worries so much about what is going on around me. Most importantly I want to live with PURPOSE. 
Healthy Living:
Mr. Big Truck and I are big on living a healthy lifestyle. I would say it is something very important to both of us. We try to eat as clean as possible and we supplement our bodies with the things we miss in our diets thanks to AdvoCare. We are going to make it an effort to meal plan regularly so we are not scratching our heads and ask ourselves whats for dinner tonight. I personally will be on a quest to get myself back to prebaby weight after Little Miss makes an appearance but it is something I can not and WILL NOT stress about. I also want to slowly get myself back into running. 

Money Management:
Mr. Big Truck and I have decided to do the 52 Week Savings Plan. Basically we will put a dollar for every week of the year it is. $1 for week 1. $2 for week 2. So on and so forth. We will continue to pay down the little bit of debt we are in. Hope to have it paid off by December of this year! Continue to save money for a vacation in 2015 and continue to put money away in our emergency fund. I have also decided that I am going to work out a monthly budget for us.  
Spiritual Walk:
I want to grow in my relationship with Christ. I want to make it a point to read the Bible DAILY. Mr. Big Truck and I are doing a weekly couples devotional together which we started last week. We will also continue to go to church regularly and become members hopefully this year. 
We want to finish doing some small renovations to the house that we have started. Mr. Big Truck is in the process of finishing the stairs that leads up to the attic and once that is done we are going to get the house ready to put on the market. We hope to have it listed by February. We want to move into something that has a little more property this way we can let the girls out to play and not have to worry about them and we want someplace that Little Miss will be able to go outside and play. 
Constantly and continually put our marriage first. We have a lot going on in 2014 and we can not loose sight of why we are where we are and that is because of our relationship. I do not want to let that fall to the wayside because we get busy with this that or the other thing. I want to make it a point to have regular date nights with Mr. Big Truck and I also hope to get away for a little babymoon before Little Miss shows up. 
I know that seams like a lot to some but to me all that is attainable and I will get where I want to be. I will be shooting for small things ever month that will ultimately help me reach all of my/our goals. With that what are your goals this year? 

  Hugs, Nikki

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    P!nky says:
    January 2, 2014

    What a great place to eat, looks beautiful. AND YAY for joining a church, so awesome girlie!

    You set some great goals and I know you will rock em out! 🙂

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    Pamela says:
    January 2, 2014

    What a beautiful place!! Your goals are wonderful! That’s amazing that yall have found a church that you love & doing a devotion together!!

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    January 2, 2014

    What a lovely place for dinner. I’d definitely go there!

    Also, that’s great that you guys have found a church where you feel that you fit in! What a blessing to have a church family. Ours has been wonderful for us. And I love that you guys are doing a couples devotional together! That’s awesome! Looks like a wonderful year coming up for you guys! 🙂

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    Mary Long says:
    January 2, 2014

    Great set of goals and I think you both can achieve them all. “Babymoon” that’s cute!
    Dan and I are constantly on a budget. We try not to use our credit cards unless we have to do. Especially at Christmas we use cash. Whatever your weekly budget is, put away whatever you have left over. Even $20 per week will give you $1040 for buying gifts (or to put towards a bill).

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    Michael says:
    January 2, 2014

    These are great goals Nikki. I love that you’re doing them together. I call my niece Little Miss on the blog 🙂

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