Look Up

“We’re surrounded by children, who since they were born,
watch us living like robots, and think it’s the norm.
It’s not very likely you will make world’s greatest dad,
if you can’t entertain a child without a using an iPad.

When I was a child, I would never be home,
I’d be out with my friends, on our bikes we would roam.
We’d ware holes in our trainers, and graze up our knees;
we’d build our own clubhouse, high up in the trees.”

Just let that sink in a minute.

 It hit home HARD.

I had only had #babybigtruck 2 months prior to going to that training and seeing this video. After seeing it, it made me think. I do not want her to remember Momma and Daddy always on their phones or always on their computers. I want her to have the childhood Mr. Big Truck and I had. We both grew up playing OUTSIDE. We both grew up with out a cellphone. Heck I did not get my first phone until I was 17 and was driving.

I see kids now a days a young as 2 constantly with a iPad or iPhone or some other kind of smart phone in their face and I cry inside. Or I see or hear of kids playing hours of video game. I can not lie and I will not lie #babybigtruck has watched videos on YouTube and has watched TV but with that said she is not in front of the TV or computer for hours on end. I am not saying she will never watch TV but it will be limited. I am not saying she will never play on our phones or on the computer but it will be limited. I am not saying she will never play video games but again it will be limited.

Mr. Big Truck and I have had many conversations about this and I am so so happy that we are both on the same page. We both want her to experience childhood as just that childhood. How is that going to happen? By Mr. Big Truck and I setting the example for her. We are both going to make sure to be present and in the moment with her. We limit the amount of time we are on the phone or computer in front of her. We make sure to engage in “conversations” and play with her. We make sure that she knows she is our priority when we are with her. We do not ever want her to feel like something on our phones or the internet is more important than her. That is not and will NEVER be the case.

I have already decided that when I am home my limited amount of time with her and Mr. Big Truck will be consumed by her and Mr. Big Truck. Being in the moment with her and Mr. Big Truck living life with them. Will I have my phone for emergencies or to snap a picture? Sure of course but will I be trolling Facebook, IG, Twitter or any other time suck? No. If I get a text message I will see who it is from and decide from there if I need to look at it and respond right then and there. If I feel like it can wait, guess what it will. My family is more important than any status update, twitter feed or shared picture ever. Will I share pictures on IG? Sure of course. Most of the time though it will be an after thought and after the moment.

I am not claiming to be parent of the year or the best mother ever because I know I am not. I am claiming to be the best mother I can be and enjoy the time I have with my husband and daughter and future children. One more little bit of food for though, I read the other day that from the day your child is born until the moment he or she turns 18 you have less than a thousand Saturdays with them. Make them count friends. Make every Saturday and EVERYDAY for that matter count!

So now I leave you with this…

Happy Friday enjoy your weekend and Look Up.

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Rachel says:
    October 13, 2014

    Amen sista! I need to get better at this.. :/Thanks for the reminder!! 🙂

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      October 14, 2014

      😀 I think it takes a lot of time and practice but totally doable!

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