Vacation Week 1 of 2

Hello friends how are you?

This first week of vacation has been great! We have done a lot yet we have done a lot of nothing and to be honest I have loved every second of it thus far!

We kicked things off right away on Saturday evening with a night out with some friends. We went out to dinner with Kenya, her hubby Yosef, their adorable little baby girl Sophia, and our friend Alexa. We had a great night! We left #babybigtruck at home with my little sister and they had a blast! I love that we have people we can trust with her.

Sunday morning I got up and headed to church early because I was sharing how small groups/life groups have impacted my life. After church we celebrated Christmas with Uncle Bill and Aunt Ali. #babybigtruck had a blast opening her presents and helping everyone else open theirs!


Daddy and baby girlIMG_1072

Apparently wrapping paper tastes good! IMG_1151

Playing with her new water table! IMG_1114

Helping Uncle Bill open his presents!

Monday we went to NYC to see the Christmas Tree and we had a great time! It was the first time we have taken #babybigtruck to the city and she did great! The weather was amazing considering it is December and we stumbled across a street Christmas Bazar thing. We walked from MSG which is like 34th street all the way to 73rd so we could go to The North Face and then we went back to 50’s to Rockefeller Center where the tree is and then made our way back to MSG to catch the train. We took turns wearing #babybigtruck in her Baby Bjorn which she loves and she had a grand old-time. We were running JUST on time to grab an earlier train into the city than we were originally planning to and with us running out of the house we totally spaced and forgot to grab our good camera so all our pictures are from our phones. Oops!




Tuesday we had an appointment with our lawyer to get our wills drafted up. Man do I feel old typing that out but let’s be real we gotta make sure we have everything in order. Better safe than sorry!

Wednesday #babybigtruck and I visited with our friend Siobhan for a bit. We had some goodies to give her for her little bundle of joy. We went to lunch and then headed home. Momma had an appointment to get her hair did and man oh man do I love me some new hair! Buh bye roots!

Thursday morning we got up with all intentions to go to breakfast then head to a mall to do some walking around and last-minute shopping. Things kinda got thrown off track when Mr. Big Truck got up to let the girls our. I was brushing my teeth, #babybigtruck was having a bottle when all of a sudden I hear Zoe CRYING like I have never heard before. Mr. Big Truck called me into the living room and I see poor little Zoe with her tail all curled under her. I went to go check out what was wrong and girlfriend wouldn’t even let me attempt to touch her tail. We went to breakfast then called the vet and made a little side trip. We had to take the girls to the vet anyway but this just made us take them sooner rather than later. Apparently Zoe somehow managed to bruise her tail really badly. They wound up giving her s sedative to help with the pain along with her yearly shots and sent us on our way. The vet shares an office with a groomer and since we were there we figured we would also get her nails clipped poor thing just couldn’t catch a break. We got the girl’s home got them settled and headed out to the mall.

While we were at the mall we were talking about a job that Mr. Big Truck had interviewed for the week before. Mr. Big Truck got a call from them and they said that they wanted him to start work on this coming Monday! We are super excited about that. With him starting work #babybigtruck will be starting school as well. I have to say I am very much at ease with her going to school. I think it will be very good for her to be around other people other than us. #babybigtruck loves being around other people and especially loves being around other kids. If Mr. Big Truck has to work next Friday then she will be starting school either half day on Friday or I will just start her on the following Monday. If he is off she will start the following Monday.

Friday we hung low. My mother in law came over in the afternoon to see the baby and her and I and #babybigtruck went to BJ’s to stock up on formula, paper goods and the such. After we got home we vegged out a bit and I got the mail. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the mail and found my Lara Casey Power Sheets! I had pre-ordered these bad boys way back when thanks to my friend Niki -y’all should really go check her out she is seriously one of my favorite bloggers- who talked about them on her blog. I also noticed that Lara is coming out with a book and went ahead and pre-ordered that as well! I honestly totally forgot about them until I got an email last week saying they were being shipped. I then forgot about them again until they showed up in my mailbox today! I was so excited that #babybigtruck and I made a little trip to Target to get a pretty binder to put them in and tonight I am going to sit and start working on them! I can not wait!


I have decided that it is time to get our household ORGANIZED! Like I said I picked up a binder for my Power Sheets and I also picked up a binder to make a home binder. I am not totally sure what I am going to put in there but I know I wanna put shopping lists in there along with perpetual important dates and what not. If you have a home binder what do yo keep in yours? I would love some direction on this!

Well there ya have it. That has been week one of vacation! I’m super excited I still have another week off and get to spend a bunch of time with friends a family celebrating Christmas! I hope y’all have a wonderful holiday!

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Pamela Baker says:
    December 29, 2014

    I have been seeing the Power Sheets everywhere lately!!! I need to check into them!

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      December 30, 2014

      GIRLLLLLL They are amazing! I started to work on mine and I LOVE them!

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