3 P’s of a Passionate Mom

In my quest for personal growth I am always open to reading books that will help me grow. Grow as a believer, a person, a leader, a wife, a mom anything. I think the one thing we all should work on harder than anything else is ourself.

When we were in FL back in November we had stopped a Barnes and Nobel and I came across a book called The Passionate Mom Dare to Parent in Today’s World. It caught my attention right away.

I was eager to dive into this book and when I started reading it. I found myself nodding my head in agreement with so so much of it.

They talk about 10 P’s of a passionate mom. I have made my way through 3 of them thus far. Some things I took away from the book from the frist 3 P’s…


~Perception is the vital ability to listen and process what is really happening in someone’s life. A passionate mom must perceive what is happening in her child’s world.

~Alertness, availability, and attentiveness are traits that a mom must possess.

**Lets just stop here or a second. I have only been a mom for 8 short months but I can absolutely see why a mom needs these things. I have become very alert to the things that #babybigtruck may need or want and that has also lead me to be attentive to what she needs and or want and has made me become more available to her.**

~Offensive perception can give a mom vision about her child and help her take action to encourage that child in her area of giftedness.

~Defensive perception can help you protect and redirect your child.

**I can see how this can become a necessity as children get older and are around other influences.**


~A passionate mom must carefully ponder her child and what is happening in her child’s life.

~A passionate mom must ponder everything she learns about her child so she can really know her child.

**I simply can not wait for the day that #babybigtruck starts talking and can clue me into what is going on in her little head. I wonder all the time what she could possibly be thinking.**


~You must be so passionate about your child that it moves you to tears.

~Passion is a strong and compelling emotion that will motivate you to dare to parent in today’s world.

~A mothers love is passionate, intense, and infinite from beginning to end.

~A mom needs initiative the ability to recognize what needs to be done and do it.

**I personally think that most moms have initiative. Well to a point. I think most moms have initiative but not all moms actually do what needs to be done. I always want to be the mom who does what needs to be done no matter what it is.**

So far this book has really puled at some of my heart strings and I can not wait to read more.

  Hugs, Nikki

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    jannabogert says:
    February 4, 2015

    Seems important to me!! I think the three P’s can be applied to life in general too!

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      February 4, 2015

      YES they absolutely can be applied to life in general!

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