#babybigtruck is 8 Months!

So how is it that we now have a 8 month old? I really can not believe it! I feel like the past 8 months have FLOWN by! I really could use for time to slow down some. I mean I really do enjoy her at this age she is just so full of energy, personality, sass and fun!

Let’s see where to start? #babybigtruck is weighing in at 24 pounds and is 28 inches long! Momma has a big girl on her hands! She is wearing size 12 to 18 months in clothing and size 4 diapers!

We started day care and I have to say I love that she transitioned so well! She is all smiles when I drop her off in the morning and she is happy when I pick her up! I would say that is a win win! Her teachers told me on her first day that she is soooo good. Proud momma! Then only thing that is “bad” about her is the fact that she does no nap well. No surprise there. They also are very impressed with how much girlfriend eats. Beast mode. Seriously!

Speaking of eating, we are eating more and more food EVERYDAY! We have dropped down to 3 eight ounce bottles a day and have upped our food intake. We typically eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a few snack sprinkled in there as well. She is eating anything we ar eating and can not be bothered with traditional baby food. She has become a champ at feeding herself too! She is also getting really good with her pointer and thumb to “pinch foods.” I am not complaining about that. I can not wait for the day we do not have to buy formula anymore. That is only a few short months away!

This past month has been nuts with Christmas and New Years. Christmas Eve we were with my Mom, Ray, my mother in law, my brother and his family. Christmas Day morning we hung at home and opened gifts as a family of 3 then my Mom and Ray stopped by for a bit then we went to Mr. Big Trucks brothers house to open more presents and then to another family members for dinner. Another words lots of running around like mad people.

IMG_1388 IMG_1213

This month also included the first of many trips into NYC! #babybigtruck was such a trooper on the train and walking around. I can not wait for her to get bigger and take even more of it in!


Crawling. It is coming and it is coming fast! She can get up on all fours and she rocks. She can even go from her hands and knees to her hands and feet. I have a feeling we may forego crawling all together and go right to walking. I guess time will tell on that front.  She is so funny because she wants to move so bad but has not figured out how to move her arms yet. She will go from sitting to either her hands and knees or her hands and feet and then get pissed that she can not go anywhere. It’s funny because she will then flop down and bang her arms and legs on the ground because she is so mad.

She HATES her car seat. I mean hates it. I know as she gets older and stronger that fight is gonna suck more and more.

She is pulling up on EVERYTHING she possibly can. We had to drop the mattress in her crib because the other night I heard her on the monitor and when I looked girlfriend had pulled herself up and was standing there all “where’s the party?” She loves any toy that makes noise and will sit and play with it for long periods of time.

#babybigtruck is babbling like a crazy person and will have conversations with who I presume is her imaginary friend because she will be in the living room alone and I will hear her carrying on.

She has become major mammas girl. I love it. Our bond is unlike anything I have ever experience before in my life and I can not wait for it to get stronger! I also LOVE the bond she has with her daddy. She absolutely adores her daddy and always smiles and laughs when she sees him.


We had our first case of the sickies. We went almost 8 months with nothing more than a cough until this past Monday when she was diagnosed with an ear infection and respiratory issues which lead to a 5 day run of antibiotics and every 4 hour nebulizer treatments and no school for 2 days. Fun times.

Baby girl you are getting so big and you really need to just chill. Momma and Daddy love you so so much and you bring such joy and happiness to everyone and anyone who meets you. You always have a smile on your face and you have such a sweet laid back personality. I hope and pray that you never lose that. I can not wait to see what the next month brings for us as a family.

  Hugs, Nikki

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  1. avatar
    jensmith85 says:
    January 8, 2015

    Wow 8 months old already?! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by.

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      January 9, 2015

      Girl you and me both! I just need time to slow down a little!

  2. avatar
    Kenya says:
    January 9, 2015

    time is flying by so fast. Can’t believe she is 8 months already!

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      January 9, 2015

      I know! I want it to slow down!

  3. avatar
    Alison says:
    January 12, 2015

    8 months!! Crazy. She is beautiful and so lucky to have you as a mama!

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      January 14, 2015

      Thank you!

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