Hey Friends!

Happy Thursday!

The beginning of March #babybigtruck and I packed up and shipped out to FL for 5 days. We visited with my dad and his wife. We have not seen them since Christmas time. It was nice to see them and check out their new house and catch a break from the cold weather we have been dealing with.

Back in December when Dad and Molly came to visit #babybigtruck would cry when she saw them. I knew it was because she did not see them regularly as they head south in October and do not come back north until May or June. We decided that we would start FaceTiming more often so she would not “forget” them. Let me just tell you it worked like a charm! Dad meet us at the airport and as soon as #babybigtruck laid eyes on her grandpa she was giggling and kicking and clapping and squealing with delight. We now have a standing Saturday night FaceTime date with them. I had such a great relationship with my Gram and I want nothing more than for #babybigtruck to have strong relationships with all of her grandparents as well!

We really just enjoyed being with Dad and Molly at their new house and hung low while we were there. We took a little trip to the beach and #babybigtruck was not having the sand. We wound up getting her a little blow up pool and set it up in the yard and let her have at it and it was a hit! We also got to visit with some friends who just ate #babybigtruck up.


Every morning started off with breakfast with Grandpa.


Somehow she would make her way to Grandma and mooch off her too.


Lunch time you would typically find these two snuggled on the couch together.


One night we went out to dinner and then to the street craft fair. I was going to bring the stroller then I decided I would wear #babybigtruck seeing how the last time I went to this craft fair it was crazy. I am glad I decided against the stroller. Clearly #babybigtruck was too.


These two have an incredible bond already and it makes me so so happy!

So yeah 5 days in FL were just what we needed!

  Hugs, Nikki

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    jensmith85 says:
    March 26, 2015

    I’m so glad you had a good time! We are headed to Florida next weekend to see my sister and her family for Easter. 🙂

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    Rachel says:
    March 27, 2015

    your dad is so cute and these pics are adorable! Love the one of you and her! PS love the new look on here!

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