Vacation, Allergy and Breathing Tests

Hello friends!

My goodness this “vacation” has been anything but a vacation. Granted it’s been a great week off of work! Mama has been BUSY!

Monday I had a massage which was good but at the same time it kinds stunk because I was in pain after it. After that Mr. Big Truck and I had a date afternoon which was nice. We went to lunch together just us, did some errands and then went to get #babybigtruck from school together. That happens close to never.

Last time I was here I told y’all about how #babybigtruck was thought to have had chickenpox but thankfully she did not! This past Tuesday I took her for allergy testing and I came to find out that even though I THOUGHT she was having a reaction to the formula she was in fact not. However she is still on full milk.

After her food allergy testing we have come to find out that girlfriend tested positive to a few things. Some of which I am completely shocked because she has had them and had no outward reaction. She tested positive to strawberries, green peas, beef, and pears, all of which she has had many times and was just fine. I told the doctor that and she said that I could continue to give them to her but just keep an eye out for reactions. She also tested positive to cashews, brazil nuts, and scallops. #babybigtruck has not had any of those and because of that we are going to hold off giving her any of that for at least another year. In the meantime she has been given a epi-pen RX just in case. I also have children’s claritin on hand for her as well. When she turns 2 we will have her re-tested for them and then see what we will have to do if anything at that point.

We also had her breathing checked since she was STILL wheezing. Which mind you she has been since January. We were doing twice daily albuterol treatments but now we are on budesonide for the next two weeks along with singular. Why? Well, girlfriend has asthma. I have to say I am not totally shocked about this because I have exercised educed asthma and my mom has asthma. Right now the doctor is working on getting her wheezing under control and once that is done we can access just how bad her asthma is. I have a feeling she is gonna be somewhere between me and my mom. So yeah fun times around these parts.

Wednesday #babybigtruck had a makeup class at The Little Gym since we missed last Saturday’s class. After we visited with Siobhan and baby Luna for a bit then we went to my mom’s house and waited for her birthday present to be delivered.


Ridiculous I know. I will admit Mr. Big Truck and myself are really excited about this!

Today I went back for my allergy testing. Turns out I have tree allergies. Fun stuff. I was suffering really bad last week and the start of this week so I am glad to finally have that under control. I go back in 3 months and have to decide if I want to do immunotherapy allergy shots. It is a long and drawn out process but from what I understand it does work. I need to pray about it.

In other random but fun news, Grandpa got a new toy that just so happens to look like the Bat-mobile and of course #babybigtruck and I had to jump in.


Tomorrow is the first day all week I have legit nothing planned and I am more than okay with that. I hope it is nice out because I would love to get a nice long walk in. Speaking of, last weekend it was really nice out on Saturday so Mr. Big Truck and I took #babybigtruck and the girls to the park for a nice walk.


Notice Zoe sitting in the stroller. In her defense it was the first real walk of the year and she was tired. I would say we did a good 2 or 3 miles total. It was great to get out there again. #babybigtruck even did some walking. I’m super excited to FINALLY be able to get out there more regularly!

Oh and since this has been a rather random post lets just add in the fact that we started and seem to have been rather successful with sleep training this week. I do not want to shoot myself in the foot but tonight has been the EASIEST night ever to put #babybigtruck to bed. Granted she was never a hard one to get to sleep. Up until this week I have rocked #babybigtruck to sleep every night. Since I was home this week I figured I would take the time to start getting her to go to sleep without rocking. The first few nights there were tears. Thankfully the tears were not terrible. I think the worst was about 15 minutes. Tonight she went down no fuss, no tears, no rocking. We have a good little routine down that seems to work. About 7pm we start our night-time routine of her nightly nebulizer, brush our teeth, read our bible story and one more story, prayers, couple minutes of mama snuggles and into the crib like a big girl. Most nights I forget to turn on her oil diffuser so I will go in her room all stealth ninja like on my way to bed and turn it on for the night. Yeah you read that right stealth ninja like.

So yeah that is where we stand right now. I am glad to know what things we have to keep an eye on allergy wise and I can not wait until the wheezing is totally under control.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We have a ton of thing planned for the weekend including a Mens Conference Friday night and Saturday morning for Mr. Big Truck, Rutgers AG day on Saturday, and the March of Dimes walk with Kenya, #babylifewithgiggles, Alexa, and friends on Sunday. There is also a baby expo on Saturday that I am kinda kicking around the idea of going to while Mr. Big Truck is at his conference. We shall see. I may wind up going to Stride Rite instead on Saturday morning which just thinking about it makes much more sense.

Oh and yeah my baby girl is going to be 1 two weeks from tomorrow. WHAT?!?! I can’t.

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Melissa says:
    April 23, 2015

    The wheezing can be from eating the things she’s allergic to. That might be why it hasn’t gone away since January. Delaney suffers from asthma and while I have the food allergy stuff down like a champ, the asthma stuff I’m a total noob.

    I’ll be praying for her!

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      April 24, 2015

      Yeah I know it could be but she never wheezed prior to January and she had started eating food at 4 months which was September and when I told the Dr. that she agreed that the wheezing was not from the food she is allergic to. We are sure the wheezing is because of the asthma seeing how since she started the treatment for asthma she has been wheeze free! Thanks for praying!

  2. avatar
    Kenya says:
    April 24, 2015

    So excited to see you all Sunday.. it’s going to be chilly in the morning! eeeek.

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      April 24, 2015

      Can’t wait! Dress warm!

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