#babybigtruck is 15 Months!

So I knew after #babybigtruck turned one I was not going to do monthly updates. I personally think it is a little over kill on the blog so with that now that she is 15 months I thought it would be fun to do a little update on her.
Some random things that she has learned to do….
**She has figured out how to open drawers without handles and proceed to empty them. Her favorite drawers to date are the two bottom drawers next to the fridge. They used to hold all kinds of random kitchen things and now in addition to the random kitchen things they also hold some random toys.
**Shake her head no when you tell her no. And yes when you say yes.
**Kissy/fishy lips. She has also mastered the open mouth kiss which we love in these parts.
**Push down pump toys and anything that has a button is CONSTANTLY being pushed.
**Asks to be picked up by holding her hands up.
**More please in sign language.
**Loves swim lessons.
**Splashes in pool, in the tub, in puddles. Anywhere there is water she will splash in it.
**HATES being changed. Seriously screams bloody murder. If she has a diaper rash it is even worse.
**HATES her carseat. She will literally stiff board me sometimes when I put her in it.
**Runs. Legit RUNS down the hallway at home and at school.
**”Colors” or should I say scribbles.
**Walks backwards.
**Drink from a straw and is working on drinking from a cup without a lid.
**It’sy bitsy spider hand movements and claps at the end of the song.
**Row Row Row Your Boat hand movements.
**Biting. For a while she was only biting me when she was upset but one day I got a call from school saying that she bit a friend on the playground. Apparently she was not happy that her friend was on the slide when she wanted to be and when her friend slid down she made it known. We are working on the no biting. I think we have it back to her just biting me.
**Stands in one place and stomps her feet.
**Can go up and down stairs. She is better at going up them than she is going down. I have been trying to get her to sit down and slide down step by step on her hiney but that is not working out to well for us. Girlfriend INSISTS on walking down the stairs like Mama and Daddy.
**She camps out under the dining room table and thinks it is the best thing in the world. She hangs out there so much and tugs on the table that she has successfully unscrewed and broke the finishing touches under. Mr. Big Truck had to glue them back on the table using E6000 glue.
**Figured out she can fit in the sideboard cabinets.
**Sticking her tongue out just cause.
**Loves swimming and all water play.
**HATES the bulb syringe.
**Loves to climb on everything she can.
**Goes down the slide alone.
**Understands “sit on your hiney” and will scoot if I tell her to move because she’s too far away.
**Does Cheers! With her cup.
**Says sit, no, bite, cheers.
**Steps into her bottoms.
**Mattress is as low as it goes.
**Knows tongue, nose, eyes, belly.
**When you ask her what does a duck say she says “quack, quack!”
**Pretends to talk on the phone.
**After diaper changes she puts her diapers in the diaper can and puts the wipes on the dresser.
**Puts dirty clothes in the hamper after being changed.
**Does Peek-a-boo.
**Loves to “read”
**Cut another front bottom tooth and 2 molars.
**Loves screaming matches for no reason.
**Rylie is her BFF.
**Loves riding in her red wagon.
**Loves to shower with me and will even stand in the shower like a big girl.
**Will not keep a hair clip or hair band in her hair. NEVER.
**Has become Linus.

  Hugs, Nikki

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