The Time the Shark Bait and Spot Left Us…

Hey friends!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was good. At least until Sunday night it was good. Lets rewind shall we?

Saturday we spent the morning at swim as per the norm. When we got home we did a bunch of stuff around the house and #babybigtruck took a nap. After her nap we showered and got dressed and decided we wanted to get out of the house for a bit. We went to dinner and then we went to the county fair.


While we were walking around the fair there was a ping-pong ball toss and you were guaranteed to get a gold-fish. What the heck we did it and we acquired Shark Bait our fair fish. Shark Bait hung out in its little fair tank Saturday night and all day Sunday.

Sunday afternoon while #babybigtruck napped I went for a pedicureĀ and then I went to the pet store to get a bigger fish bowl, some gravel, fish food and a little plant. While I was there I also thought I would get Shark Bait a friend. Welcome to the family Spot!

I got home and #babybigtruck literally woke up from her nap as I walked in the door. She was excited to see Spot. Mr. Big Truck set up the new fish bowl and put Shark Bait and Spot in the bowl. Sunday afternoon both fish were happy little fish swimming around.


Her face was lit up from the joy and excitement. Really it is the little things in life. She reminds us of that everyday! Her smile was priceless.

We went to our nieces birthday party and when we got home #babybigtruck went to bed and I was messing around on the computer and this conversation happened…

Mr. Big Truck: Babe….
Me: Yeah?
MBT: You need to get new fish in the morning.
Me: Huh?
MBT: Shark Bait and Spot are dead!
Me: WHAT? Are you serious?
MBT: Yeah I went to look at them and they are both floating on their sides.
Me: Seriously?!?!
MBT: Yeah! And I just posted a photo of her on Facebook and how excited she was…

I have to say as sad as it is we both laughed. Terrible I know. We gave them a proper burial and #babybigtruck and I will be going to the pet store tomorrow to get two new fish. I asked Mr. Big Truck if we can name the Shark Bait and Spot again and he said we have to! It’s a good thing she is still too little to comprehend things like this although it will be a great story for when she gets older!

In other news, she loves helping feel Rylie and takes her “chore” very seriously!


Every night when we get home from work and school she helps feed Rylie and you would think it was the highlight of her day.

Start ’em while they are young right?

Oh the adventures in parenthood!

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Alana says:
    August 9, 2015

    Haha typical goldfish! We had beta fish that lived for years but you have to be careful not to put two males together.

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      August 10, 2015

      We were gonna do beta fish but then we got the first gold fish Shark Bait at the fair so we went that way. We are gonna give them one more chance and if no dice then we may do a beta.

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