Christmas Recap 2015

Hello Friends!

I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family. I know we did!

Christmas Eve as usual we were by my moms house with my brother and his family. My mother-in-law joined us again this year as did Rays brother and his wife. My mom order a ton of food and by a ton I mean A TON! Seriously we were eating leftovers for days and we even have leftovers in the freezer for that oh shoot we didn’t take anything out for dinner nights!




Christmas Eve was warmer than normal. I mean to the point that we were sitting outside on the deck at my moms at 7pm without coats on! In NJ that is basically unheard of! We welcomed it and embrace it. We gave my brothers kids their Christmas presents and they gave #babybigtruck hers and we called it a night. Mr. Big Truck also had to be at work at 7pm that night and worked till 3am Christmas Day morning.

This was the 3rd Christmas together for Mr. Big Truck and I and the past two years on Christmas Day in the middle of the afternoon we would meet up with his brothers and their families and his mom either at his moms house or one of his brothers house. This year we did things a little different and I will not lie I loved every second of it! Part of the reason we did things different was because I did not want to rip #babybigtruck from her Christmas presents in the middle of the day, another part of the reason was because I did not want to take her away from her presents we decided we would cook dinner at our house and my mom and Ray would be coming for dinner along with Mr. Big Trucks Mom. The other reason being that we didn’t know what Mr. Big Trucks work schedule was going to be for Christmas until right before Christmas. He wound up having to work Christmas Day night 7pm until 3am. With all that in mind this year on Christmas Day Mr. Big Turck, #babybigtruck and myself did not leave our house all day! It was great!

Christmas morning I got up with #babybigtruck about 7:30ish and we let Mr. Big Truck sleep in. He wound up getting up about 8/8:30ish. After breakfast we sat in the living room and told #babybigtruck the Christmas Story, we want her to know that Christmas is about the brith of our Lord and Savior Jesus not just about getting and giving gifts, and then I took #babybigtruck into the bathroom to get washed up while Mr. Big Truck took out all her big gifts that we did not wrap and brought them into the living room. It worked out perfectly! When she walked in she was excited to play with everything and that held her over until my mom and Ray got to the house about noon and we opened everything else. We waited until Mr. Big Trucks mom came over later in the day after nap time, which both #babybigtruck and Mr Big Truck ended up napping, to open more presents. Overall it was a great day!


After all the presents were opened we sat to have dinner together and then Mr. Big Truck got ready to go to work. By the time my mother-in-law left my mom and Ray helped clean up and then they packed up and left themselves.

Overall it was a wonderful Christmas spent with family remembering the brith of Jesus!


  Hugs, Nikki

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    Jen says:
    December 29, 2015

    There is nothing like spending Christmas with family! 🙂

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      Nikki says:
      January 5, 2016

      I totally agree!

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