Out of the Mouth of #babybigtruck

Now that #babybigtruck is “talking” more -and I use the term talking loosely- the things she is saying is rather funny.

Example #1

Earlier this week I packed up #babybigtruck and myself and went to stay at my moms house for a few days as Mr. Big Truck has been working on painting our room and the blizzard we got hit with. Thursday morning we got up and Grandpa was standing in the kitchen which happens to be in sight from the the room that we slept in. #babybigtruck had woken up so I went in to get her and when I opened the door she saw Grandpa standing there and she points at him…

#babybigtruck: “DADA?”

Me:”No that’s not dada that is Grandpa.

#babybigtruck: “Oh, hi…” **in a very nonchalant tone.**

Example #2

Saturday morning #babybigtruck was squatting down by the coffee table and I could tell she was pooping. The following conversation went down…

Me: “#babybigtruck are you pooping?”

#babybigtruck: **red face and grunting** “No”

Me: “Yeah okay I really believe you…”

Example #3

As I was changing her diaper Saturday evening I get her dirty diaper off and as per the normal she tries to take off on me. Diaperless she is “trapped” and all of a sudden you hear some toots…

Me: #babybigtruck did you just toot?

#babybigtruck: “No, Dada!”


  Hugs, Nikki

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    Pinky says:
    January 26, 2016

    These are all too cute!!!

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    Michael says:
    January 26, 2016

    They say the most adorable things!

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