Weekend Recap…

And just like that it is Monday!

Hi friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I know we did!

Friday started off with a fun snow storm. Said no one ever. Seriously Friday morning I got half way to school with #babybigtruck and almost turned around and called it a day at that point. I decided to push through and rally though because I knew it was a short day! I slipped outta work early picked up #babybigtruck from school. Once we got home I touched up my hair thanks to the snow and then headed out to meet my mama at the train station! We were off to the city to see On Your Feet!


Once we got to the city we walked to 46th street and stopped at The View for dinner and drinks. The View is a spinning restaurant in NYC with an amazing 360* view of the city. It takes about an hour to make one rotation and we were there a little more than an hour so we were able to experience the entire rotation.

After dinner we went down to the theater and waited for the show to start. I have to say the show was AMAZING! It is based on the life Gloria Estefan. My mom and I were really impressed with the actors and how well the show was put together!

Saturday was such a bust of a day other than the fact that #babybigtruck started her speech therapy. I was shot from being up until 1:30am and getting up at 6am with her that I was pretty much useless all day. I did manage to motivate myself for a good 30 minute workout but other than that I did not do much. Saturday evening we went to dinner with Mr. Big Trucks side of the family to celebrate his mothers birthday.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church. After church #babybigtruck and I went to Aunt Ali’s to spend some time with her. We went to Panera for lunch as per the usual and then we hit up Ross and Old Navy. I snagged the most adorable little pink and blue lace dress for #babybigtruck that she can wear on Easter.


We went to Old Navy as well and I was able to pick up a few things for the warmer weather in 3T as I am not sure if all of her 2T stuff will fit from last year.


I love Old Navy for her. Such cute stuff!

Sunday night we got home and I dumped everything on my bed heated up dinner for myself and #babybigtruck insisted on having some yogurt for her dinner. I pick my battles with her and last night I just didn’t have any fight in me so yogurt it was for her for dinner! After dinner it was time for our her treatment, bath, and nighttime routine and next time it was bedtime for her.

After dinner we watched the beginning of the Super Bowl while she had her treatment. We caught the National Anthem which I have to say Lady Gaga did a really good job with it. While she was singingĀ it I was standing holding #babybigtruck and had her put her hand over her heart and that little sassy thing watched the entire song with nothing but respect. She really makes me so proud. Granted she did not know why we were standing with our hands over our hearts but the fact that she did it made me so proud. Gotta start somewhere with respect for the Red White and Blue!

Did y’all see the Puppy Monkey Baby commercial?? Oh my I was rolling after it. This morning I took #babybigtruck to school and when I got her out of the truck I asked her if she was a puppy monkey baby and she started making monkey noises. Silly baby. I was a bit sad there was no sentimental Budweiser Clydesdale commercial this year. I also was not a fan of the Doritos ultrasound commercial. Did you see any of them? What was your favorite?

Anyway yeah so that was our weekend. Hope y’all had a great weekend as well!

  Hugs, Nikki

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