St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans

So as we all know St. Patrick’s Day was last Thursday. Now I am not Irish. Farthest thing form to be honest. I do not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day also happens to be the birthday of the man who founded the union I am part of at work. With that said I was off on St. Patrick’s Day.


After Mike and I took #babybigtruck to school with her lucky charm treats we made a Target run to finish up her Easter basket. True story that was my first time ever making lucky charm treats or any kind of marshmallow treat in general. They were really easy to make too.

Generously butter a 13″x9″ pan set aside. All you need is half a stick of butter, a bag of mini marshmallows and 8 cups of lucky charms. Melt the butter over medium heat in a large pot, once melted add in the marshmallows stirring constantly. Melt the marshmallows until mostly melted and turn off the flame. Add in the lucky charms until it is all mixed together. Pour into buttered pan and spread out. Let it set. Cut and enjoy!

Back to Target, we decided to hit up the dollar spot to see what kinda fun things we could get for the basket. Well let me just tell you we hit the jackpot! We got activity packs, sticker books, socks, a water bottle, and flash cards. Mike picked up a Minions activity pad one day while he was out and about too. Since it is a family basket I also put in some candy including M&M’s, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Starburst Jelly Beans, Minion Peeps and Chocolate Crosses. We also picked up all kinds of fun small little things to put in plastic eggs for an egg hunt at my sister in-laws.

Once we got home from Target I left to meet some friends at church. We had plans to go to Palisades Mall in New York to go to the ropes course they have there. YES a ropes course in the mall. We met at the church at 11:30 and set out. We picked up another friend on our way and then stopped for pizza at this place in town that has like 100 different kinds of pizza. Mind blow. After we were all properly fed we set out for our hour car ride. The ride up to the mall was rather entertaining and quick as the 4 of us chatted the whole way. We got to the mall and got right to it.


There are 5 levels to the course and you start on the bottom and work your way up.

Once we got to the top we had our friend Jeff -the shift supervisor who thought we were nuts I am sure- to snap a few pictures for us. There were a couple of questionable spots on the course but overall we were able to get through everything without any issues and no one died which is always a plus.

After we were done we celebrated St. Patricks Day with some Jamba Juice.


Such a fun day. We are already planning out next outing.

  Hugs, Nikki

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  1. avatar
    Jen says:
    March 23, 2016

    We are boring, haha we didn’t do anything for St. Patricks Day.

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      March 24, 2016

      Girl that is not being boring thats being real!

  2. avatar
    March 24, 2016

    I heard that the dollar spot at Target was on point with their Easter stuff this year! 🙂 And how fun to do a ropes course!

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      March 27, 2016

      For real it was on point this year! The ropes course was awesome!

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