Braggin Time..

Sorry to fall off the face of the earth yesterday. Monday night I did not go to bed until 10pm and man was I paying for it on Tuesday. When I went to bed Monday night I swore I set my alarm however I must have been dreaming it because Tuesday morning I woke up thanks to #babybigtruck waking me up at 5:20am. Granted that is only 20 minutes later than normal but do you know how much getting up 20 minutes late can mess with you? I literally rolled out of bed threw on some sweats and went. Thankfully Michael was home in the morning and he helped me pack up everything for the day and we were able to get out the door on time. I seriously dragged all day yesterday nothing I did seemed to help.

Here we are staring Wednesday in the face and I feel so much better. I got up on time this morning was able to shower and get myself together all before the baby got up and then was able to get her ready for the day. Mike was home with us this morning and he was on breakfast duty as usual and man when he is home and makes breakfast and helps in the morning it just makes things flow so much better.

Speaking of Mike. He’s such a good man. I don’t know how he puts up with my back and forth all the time but bless his heart he does.


So for the longest time we had an elliptical in our office. It was great. I used it consistently and loved it. Then we put the house on the market and I decided I would switch up my workouts and do more Pump, Combat and Step at home which would mean I would need more room in the office. I asked him to take the elliptical out of the house and put it in the garage for the time being. Well last week I decided I wanted to change up my workouts again and go back to using the elliptical. Why? See my sassy pants toddler likes to be where her Mama is ALL.THE.TIME. I was doing my workouts after she went to bed but since we have pushed back bedtime to 8pm I had to get my workouts in earlier.The only way I would be able to do that is if she was not allowed in the office while I was working out because it was not safe for her. Well girlfriend did not like the idea of being locked out of the room that Mama was in. After some thought I decided to bring the elliptical back in. At least this way I can workout before she goes to bed. She can also be in the same room as I am while I am on the elliptical without fear of getting hurt since I am not all over the room. She can play with her toys or watch some Elmo or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the computer. It really is a win win situation for everyone. Mike said when I got home from work that I would have to help him bring it in the house since its hard to move for just one person because of how heavy it is. Ok no problem!

When I got home from work he asked me to go into the office and go through a box with some papers in it before we moved the elliptical in. I walked in picked up the box and started to go through it. He comes in and goes REALLY?!?! I was like what? He said you really don’t see it? I was like what are you talking about? Then he pointed out the elliptical sitting in the office. I totally missed it because I was so out of it yesterday. When the reality of what he did for me hit I was super excited! My plan is to jump on that bad boy for at least 30 minutes a day!

In other Mike bragging news because moving the crazy heavy elliptical on his own yesterday wad not enough he also made us a delicious dinner. A couple days, maybe even weeks ago now I was on Facebook and someone posted a video by Tastemade for Healthy Easy Baked Lasagna Rolls. It’s made with cottage cheese believe it or not and man it was delicious! It is definitely something we will make again! I snapped, as in snap chat snapped, a photo of last nights spread and of course I did not save it so way to drop the ball on my part there. Next time he makes them I will share.

Thank you Michael for being the awesome man you are!

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Jen says:
    April 6, 2016

    Definitely reasons to brag!! 🙂

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    Pinky says:
    April 7, 2016

    Nothing wrong with bragging on an amazing husband. So awesome he brought you in the elliptical and too funny you didn’t notice. I’ve done that a time or two. Glad mama can get her workouts in and baby girl can chill with you, win win for sure.

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