Nursery Inspiration

I have been struggling coming up with a plan of action for the nursery for #babybigtruck2. Finally nursery inspiration has hit! We ordered her furniture back in July and over the weekend I got the call that it is in! I was also informed that the one dresser is back ordered until the end of November -which is when I am due! I was told that someone else had bought the set and took it home and they did not like it and that if we wanted to we could take the dresser from that set. Mike, #babybigtruck and I took a ride down to the store to check it out over the weekend and we love it just as much as the day we ordered it! We wound up agreeing to take the dresser from the previous owners and we called it a day.  We did not bring it home though because we are not ready to put it in her room just yet.

While we were at Buy Buy Baby I decided to take a look at the bedding and see if they had gotten anything new in that I liked. I stumbled across a set and immediately fell in love with it!

I saw it and just knew that this was the direction we were going to go with the room. After we settled on the bedding we took a ride to Lowes to look at paint and found paint colors that we loved as well so we picked that up this way Mike could get to work on the room hopefully this week between work and life.


It’s hard to tell from the photo but the room colors are peach and mint. We will also have splashes of lavender and gold in there as well.

I took to pinterest for more inspiration and Etsy for a few decor items and in the next few weeks I hope to have the room finished! We wanted to do a accent wall which will be the mint color and I wanted to do some kinda cascading dots in all the room colors so I found a paper garland made on Etsy which was ordered yesterday and as soon as that comes in Mike and I will work on getting that up. I also found some adorably painted mason jars that will work perfectly in the room as decor with some fake flowers in it. I have a few prints I want to get for the room and call it a day. I can not wait to see it all come together. We stopped for lunch at a local diner after we were done at Lowes and Mike and I got to talking and I really feel like the reason I wasn’t able to settle on anything for the room was because I had not settled on bedding. Now that we found something I am in love!


  Hugs, Nikki

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