Lets Play Catch-Up

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is doing well. Life has been hectic on this end so I thought today we could play catch-up.

This past weekend I had a baby shower thrown by my friend Daniela at church. It was a total success and everything came out beautifully. Daniela did a great job planning everything from the photo booth, the tie-dye onesie station, the games, and food!

I got a ton of clothes which was awesome because seriously not 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant did I give away ALL the baby clothes I had from #babybigtruck! I also only needed 2 big ticket items which were our double stroller and a carseat and let me tell you God totally provided! My mom, Ray and brothers all got me the carseat and my job put together a collection in our office and I used that money to get the stroller! Praise God!


Speaking of the office not only did they do a collection for me they also had cake for me last week to celebrate #babybigtruck2.

I had to take yesterday off work for 2 doctors appointments. I had to go to the OB and I went for a ultrasound at two different offices. My first appointment was at 11:30am I got to the ultrasound office only to find out that I had my times and offices mixed up and I was really due to be there for 1. Thankfully both offices are only 15 minutes from each other and I had about 20 minutes to spare. I was able to make it to the OB with no problem. Found out that #babybigtruck2 is measuring big which is great! I am 32 weeks as of today and she is measuring at 33/34 weeks. I have my scheduled c-section date but I honestly do not think I am going to make it. God has a plan and Mike and I know whatever happens He is in control.

1pm I had my ultrasound and that also confirmed that #babybigtruck2 is measuring 33/34 weeks and is roughly 4lbs 1oz already!


Pondering life.

#babybigtruck has been up to her normal antics lately.


Mike caught her practicing her selfie game in the bathroom mirror. Lord help me with her.

I have also been kicking around ideas for what I want to get as my last tattoo for the girls.


I really like the arrows but not sure if I wanna do their names or their birthdates. I am thinking I am gonna do it on my right forearm.

Whatelse? I have a much needed hair appointment this coming Saturday, and the 15th I have our maternity shoot which I am really looking forward to.

Oh and Mike started his new job. With that said we have decided that we are gonna hold off on going to Disney right now. Sad but we will go in a year or two.

I think that’s pretty much everything as for right now. At least that is everything I can think of right now.

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Jen says:
    October 4, 2016

    The onesie station is such a cute idea! I love it.

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      October 5, 2016

      Oh gosh they came out so cute! I can not wait to put them on her!

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