2016 NYC Christmas Adventure

December 10th Michael’s work hosted their Christmas party up at the Lincoln Tunnel and we decided even though Mike just started there a couple of months ago we would take the girls and go. They really did a nice job putting it together. Someone who works there painted all these beautiful murals that they used to decorate the shop with and they strung icicle lights from the ceiling. It was really nice. That morning Mike and I got to talking about what other things we could do that day and we decided to hit the city since we were right across the Hudson. After the party we hopped on the ferry and went to see the tree and the decorations that the city puts up. We do this every year and since we were right there we figured we would take advantage of the mild-ish weather.

Of course we had to get a selfie before we set out for the day.

Santa showed up at the party and had gifts for all the kids. #babybigtruck is not a fan of Santa and when we went to take the girls to the mall a couple of weeks ago she wouldn’t sit with Santa and her sister and this is the only photo we have of #babybigtruck and Santa. You can see she is not thrilled to be close to him.


She clearly enjoyed the fact that Santa brought her a gift though.

Santa even brought a present for #babybigtruck2 although she slept through the visit with Santa.

After the party we bundled up the girls jumped on the ferry and went to the city to walk around and see all the decorations and the tree. We do this every year and we love this tradition. #babybigtruck say in the lightweight stroller most of the time and I wore #babybigtruck2. Both girls did great while we were there.




From the tree we hit Sacks to catch their light show on the building and it did not disappoint!

This is one of my favorite Christmas season traditions and I am so so glad we did it again this year. We did notice that the amount of people in the city was crazy granted it was 2 weeks before Christmas so we expected it. Last year we went in after the new year and it wasn’t bad at all so we’ve decided from next year on unless we can go in on a weekday we will wait till after the new year again.

Just for kicks, this was last years trip.

This was from #babybigtrucks first Christmas in 2014.

  Hugs, Nikki

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  1. avatar
    Jen says:
    December 19, 2016

    What amazing memories you are making with the girls! The photos are beautiful!

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      December 19, 2016

      Thank you! I love and cherish these memories so much!

  2. avatar
    Sierra says:
    December 19, 2016

    Sounds like such a great time! You’re right, we should take the kids in soon. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Saks light up at night. And can we just talk about the adorable hat on babybigstruck2 with that cute pom pom on top!! Beautifully Candid

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      December 20, 2016

      Definitely take the kids! It’s so fun! This was the first year that #babybigtruck really understood what was going on and she loved it! #babybigtruck2 hat is bigger than her head! LOL!

  3. avatar
    December 21, 2016

    Such a fun Christmas party. Love all of the NYC photos!

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      December 22, 2016

      The party was a nice time for sure! NYC never gets old!

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