New Years 2017

Happy New Year friends! I know I am a day late but I have reason. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Ours was nothing what like what we were expecting. Lets discuss what we were supposed to do and then we shall talk about what actually happened.

We were supposed to have a nice quiet evening at home with our girls. Play all kinds of games have a dance party in the living room and put the girls to bed between 8:30pm and 9pm and then Mike and I were going to hang out and try to make it to midnight to watch the ball drop then go to bed.

The reality of what happened? Well we did have a quiet evening at home with out girls granted #babybigtruck2 was not feeling 100%. We had our little dance party and played in the living room. We played with the filters on snapchat had fun as a family. That morning when we woke up #babybigtruck2 felt warm and when I took her temp she was at 99.8. I monitored her temp all day and it fluctuated between 98.6 and 100.3. Once it hit 100.3 I called the doctor and they said that it sounded like she was fighting a virus and if her temp went over 100.4 give her she Tylenol and then call them back. By 10:30pm she was burning up and I checked her temp again and it was at 101.3. I immediately gave her some Tylenol and called the doctor. They told me to bring her to the hospital which I was expecting. I got her there by 11:30pm and her and I rang in the New Year in the isolation room. Good times.

Once we got to the ER and got settled the nurses and doctors came in and they told me that they wanted to draw some blood, do a urine test, a flu test, and a RSV test, they wanted to see if they were dealing with a bacterial thing or a virus. Poor thing did not like getting the IV put in not that I can blame her nor did she like the flu test. We got all the results back and low and behold she has RSV. Poor thing.  We finally got discharged at 4am on New Years Day.

We got home about 4:30am and immediately climbed into bed to get some much-needed sleep. Mike and #babybigtruck got up and let us sleep in a bit. Once we finally got up #babybigtruck2 and I were basically couch bound all day. She napped on me or in her rock n play all day and I suctioned her nose to get all the junk out and monitored her temp. The ER doctors said that if she spiked a fever again or was having a hard time breathing to bring her back to the ER. The poor thing was so out of it all day. She barely ate and slept most of the day.

New Years Day rolled on and that night we went to bed as usual. By midnight #babybigtruck2 woke up and I could tell she was just not right. After feeding her she threw up almost all of what she took in and then I noticed her breathing was not right. She was retracting which was one of the things I had to keep an eye out for. I woke Mike up, packed a diaper bag, and took her back to the ER. Thankfully even though she was retracting her oxygen levels were high. The suctioned her nose out and she was able to breathe better.

Here we are January 2nd and #babybigtruck2 is napping in her rock n play and we are gonna hang low and see how today goes. I called her doctor to see if they wanted me to bring her in today and they said as long as she seems comfortable and her fever does not spike again that I should wait till tomorrow for her scheduled visit anyway as today they have nothing but flu and pneumonia cases and they don’t want me to bring her in and her possibly get sicker which I totally agree with.

So here we are snuggled on the couch nursing as much and often as she wants and just trying to get through the day. If you are the praying kind please say a prayer for my little monkey.

  Hugs, Nikki

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