Confessional Thursday

Welcome to this weeks edition of Confessional Thursday…

**I took #babybigtruck to the party store on Monday night to pick out invitations to her birthday party. After choosing between The Little Mermaid, Doc McStuffins, Minnie Mouse and Frozen she settled with Frozen.

**Im trying to get back into the swing of working full time, being a mom full time, and getting my workouts in. I told Mike the other day that now that the snow season is just about over and his work hours are going to calm down some I want to start going to kickboxing on Monday and Wednesday nights and then Saturday mornings when we don’t have anything going on. We shall see how this goes.

**I am knee deep in planning mode between #babybigtruck turning 3 and #babybigtruck2 getting dedicated in June.

**Speaking of planning I am also in the middle of planning the Awana leaders banquet and VBS for July.

**I am starting to look into going back to school. Crazy pants! I’m thinking medical coding and billing and doing it online. Anyone do that?

*#babybigtruck2 is going to be 5 months on Tuesday. HOW?!?! I can’t.

**I need to get my camera from my mom so I can upload and share photos from the Circus. In the meantime I will share this one again.

 **#babybigtruck2 came home with her first craft from school. It was a shamrock with her little feet print on it. This will be one I will never throw out because we failed and did not do her feet print when she was a tiny baby. I really should still do it now though before she gets any bigger.

**I am planning date night this Saturday and I have it down to two different things but I don’t know which I want to do. I know Michael and I would enjoy both but the question is which to do. I’d share the options but Michael reads the blog. Hi Michael!

  Hugs, Nikki

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      Nikki says:
      March 24, 2017

      Thank you! I can’t believe we are coming up to 3 already!

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    March 24, 2017

    I seriously don’t know how moms do it. I work full time but my hours are fairly flexible, I don’t have kids, I have a boyfriend who does 50% of the housework, and I still find it really hard to fit everything in! I haven’t worked out at all this week! And, I worked out only twice last week! It is hard fitting in work, and life, and working out, and healthy eating, and maintaining a healthy relationship, and running errands, and every other little thing that needs to get done throughout the day.

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      Nikki says:
      March 25, 2017

      It’s definitely not easy but we find a way to do it somehow. You also find out who your friends are really quick.

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