Confessional and Thoughtful Thursday

On this weeks installment of…

**I have come to the conclusion that I need some new tops that are not boring and that are mom friendly. Suggestions?

**I have a TON of notes opened and going on my notes app on my phone. Wont lie I would be lost without them.

**I got the dreaded phone call from day care on Tuesday morning. #babybigtruck2 had a fever of 101.7* I picked her up and she was fine the rest of the day. By 10:30pm she spiked up to 102.3 which prompted a phone call to the nurse line. I gave her some Tylenol and she went back to bed and then played the up every hour on the hour game. I took her to the DR on Wednesday and sure enough she had a virus that just had to run its course. It was not a fun day though because girlfriend only drank about 15 ounces total of formula all day and then her little lips turned blue. Thankfully she is on the mend!

**Today is day 2 of being home with #babybigtruck2 because of said virus. Thankfully she is eating regularly and is in a good mood. Back to daycare she will go tomorrow.

**I have ingrown toenails and the suck. I went for a pedicure and the poor girl who did it dug out my ingrowns and the relief I felt was amazing. My friend Denise said I should look into the surgery but after she told me what happens I think I will pass.

**#babybigtruck2 is sitting up on her own unassisted for a little bit at a time. So fun! She is not rolling yet.

**I made a chicken dinner the other day and it was delicious! Simple too. Chicken breast seasoned with salt, peeper, and some other spices in my cabinet along with some mango peach salsa. Yum!

**PLL the Final Episodes started. I am playing catch up on the first half of the current season. I am excited to see how the wrap everything up. It’s time.

**I started to go through all the stuff I got for the goodie bags for #babybigtrucks birthday party. I got too much. I now need to go find bags big enough for all the stuff.

**I am having a Stella & Dot Party online if you are interested. Go check it out!

That’s all I got.

Happy Thursday Friends!

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Danielle says:
    April 20, 2017

    I love PLL and watched the first episode of this season and I can’t believe we only have 9 left. Ugh. Ingrown toe nails are the worst. I am so sorry. I fear looking up sugary now.

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      April 20, 2017

      Don’t even look at the sugar in it! CRAZY! I cant wait to see how it all ends.

  2. avatar
    April 20, 2017

    Ingrown toenails are the absolutely worst!!! I had one and at my last pedicure he was able to get it out. Oh my gosh instant relief. I hope bbt2 feels better asap!

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      April 20, 2017

      They are terrible! Yessssss the instant relief is amazing!

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