Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Friends! Hope everyone’s weekend was good. Ours was eventful to say the least.

Friday night shenanigans started early…

After shoulder rides Mike and I got the kids to bed and I ran to Target alone. It was glorious. Well that is until I got the message that #babybigtruck was hysterical and was complaing that her ear was hurting. When I got home she was clearly in pain. I looked at her ear and I saw some junk coming out of it and I figured she had an ear infection. I was going to try to wait till the morning and bring her to our doctor but she was in so much pain that I didn’t want her to suffer all night so I packed her up and brought her to the pediatric urgent care at 10pm. Sure enough it was an ear infection. They gave her a dose of Motrin and a dose of antibiotics and we went home. Saturday morning we woke up and I had to give #babybigtruck her meds and she was not happy about it. Thankfully I was able to pick up some chewable Motrin which she took no problem but her antibiotics are a liquid form and she was not having it. I literally had to straddle her down to get it in her. I hate having to do it that way but I had to make sure she took it. Thankfully by that afternoon she became willing to take the meds and now she thinks she is hot stuff “taking her medicine like a big girl.”

Saturday morning I had a meeting at church to go to and I took #babybigtruck2 with me while Mike took #babybigtruck out for breakfast and grocery shopping.

I managed to swim my friend Kims phone from her without her knowing. She is one of the silly people who does not lock her phone. Big mistake.

This is why it’s a mistake people like Erica and I take the phone and snap selfies and then set them as their background on their home screen. It took her all day to figure it out. Funny because about 7pm I got a text message from her saying she had just realized that I had done it.

After our meeting I picked up Mike and #babybigtruck and we went to my sister-in-laws house for the cousins egg hunt.






After we collected all the eggs we went in and opened them and all the little things were a hit!

We went home and relaxed for a bit. I was able to catch a 40 to 45 minute nap on the couch while #babybigtruck2 napped in her swing and #babybigtruck played nicely until she announced that she peed in her pants at which point I bolted right up. Thanks kid. Once we got cleaned up and had something to eat I decided I would take the girls to the park for a bit so Mike could go to bed and have a quiet house as he had to be at work at midnight that night.

Someone figured out how to navigate this on her own.

Sunday morning the girls and I went to church and then we went to my moms. We had lunch and #babybigtruck got to pal around with Papa which she was happy about. Mike got to my moms about 1-ish and by 2 we were in the car on to our second egg hunt of the weekend and season.

My friend Siobhan and her mom host a HUGE egg hun every year on Psalm Sunday and it’s always a good time. I was talking to Patty and she said that they filled 1,700 eggs this year! CRAZY! They invite basically everyone they know and the Easter Bunny is always there. #babybigtruck2 was sleeping while the egg hunt was going on so I brought her to see the bunny and had her picture taken. So cute!






After she collected her eggs and went through them we made our way to the bunny and I thought it was gonna be a disaster but thankfully it was not! Since #babybigtruck2 finally woke up she went first and had her picture taken alone, then with Papa and grandma and I tried to get one of just the girls but #babybigtruck was not having that so Mike and I sat with the bunny and #babybigtruck2 and then #babybigtruck came over too.


I was so glad she stood with us.

Over all another fun weekend is now in the books and here it is Monday and a short week at that!






  Hugs, Nikki

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      Nikki says:
      April 12, 2017

      Thanks! She loved it too! I’ll see tomorrow if she still has that photo as her background photo.

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