When You Outsmart Your Toddler…

As a mom you always have to stay one step ahead of your kids. Especially toddlers. Those little humans think they know it all and will try to one up you all the time. Today I outsmarted #babybigtruck.

Last night I was unpacking #babybtrucks lunch box and her cereal container was in it and there was cereal in it. I opened it and saw that she only ate the marshmallows out of it. Ok smarty pants I’ll fix you I thought to myself. I repacked the cereal WITHOUT the marshmallows in it for this mornings breakfast. We get to school and she says “Mom I want cereal and fruit!” Ok no problem. I told her to sit down and I would get it for her. I open her blueberries and grapes and then I open her cereal. She looks at her cereal and looks at me and says “Mom there’s no shapes! Where are the shapes?” I said “I don’t know where are they?” Her on the verge of tears…”Mommy theres no shapes!” I said “Sorry babe that’s all there is today.” All while trying not to laugh in her face.

Mom: 1 #babybigtruck: 0

  Hugs, Nikki

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      Nikki says:
      April 7, 2017


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