#babybigtruck2 6 Months

As of May 28th #babybigtruck is now 7 months. CRAZY! I know I say that every month but really it is just mind-blowing how fast time goes!

At her 6 month visit she weighed 16lbs 4oz and she was 28″ long!

**We are done nursing. She basically weened herself which was fine by me. We were only nursing at night so I knew it was just a matter of time before she was done for good. I am so happy we went 6 months and I know that it helped her!

**She takes her binky when she goes to bed which helps her at night. She also takes it randomly during the day.

**She is taking about 5 5 to 6 ounce bottles a day. If we are out and about she will take 8 ounces so we don’t waste any because lets be real, formula aint cheap!

**She can finally sit up unassisted!

**She is wearing 6 month clothing.

**Still wearing size 3 diapers.

**She is not sleeping in the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit anymore.

**She is not rolling over during the day however she did manage to flip herself over one night randomly so we know she CAN do it.

**She tends to favor sleeping on her side which is funny because that is how I sleep.

**She swung in the swing for the first time and LOVED it.

**She goes into the nursery at church now that she can sit up alone.

**She LOVES solids and will eat anything we give her. I typically let her have anything I have on my plate. She also loves her baby cereal with some apple sauce in it. Puffs are a hit as are Cheerios.

  Hugs, Nikki

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      Nikki says:
      June 1, 2017

      She is actually 7 months I am just a month behind on her monthly posts!

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    May 31, 2017

    Oh my goodness. How is she already 6 months? She is just so adorable!

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      Nikki says:
      June 1, 2017

      Believe it or not she is actually 7 months! I am just a month behind in monthly posts!

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