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It’s that time of the week again friends…

**I’ve officially gotten my hair to the point that I can go legit 3 days without washing it. #MomWin

**I wish I could work till 2:30pm everyday instead of 4:30pm. As silly as it may sound those 2 hours can make a HUGE difference.

**I am loving Apple Music lately.

**So Mike and I both carry health insurance which I am so so thankful for believe me however with that said Mikes birthday is before mine in the calendar year so his is the primary insurance for the girls and mine is secondary for the which is fine however lately I’ve been fighting his insurance company way more than I have ever had to fight an insurance company in the past and man it is exhausting.

**I have officially transitioned #babybigtruck2 out of the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit and she is now sleeping in her crib by herself.

**When Mom is away the children will play and I am not talking about my children…more to come on that tomorrow…

**Last year I joined a wine club thanks to Jenn and I LOVE it! I have a few boxes which include 3 bottles of wine for free you just pay shipping if anyone is interested let me know all I need is your email.

**Warmer weather is among us!

**I need to find paperwork to get our boat registered. I really need to get on that.

**I designed the tattoo I wanna get for my girls and I know where I wanna get it now I just have to go and get it!

Little random but it is what it is!

Happy Thursday Friends!

  Hugs, Nikki

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    May 18, 2017

    Yay for that sweet girl sleeping in her own crib! We are waiting to transition E completely until we move. She does naps in her crib but is still in our room at night.

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      Nikki says:
      May 30, 2017

      Oh man it is great that she is in her own crib! I mean don’t get me wrong I love snuggling with her but Mama loves her own space to sleep! Totally understandable waiting till y’all get settled in the new place before you transition E~

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    Robin says:
    May 18, 2017

    How does Apple Music work, compared to iTunes? Do you pay a monthly fee to listen to whatever?

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      Nikki says:
      May 30, 2017

      Yup! There is a monthly fee, I am not sure what it is because my mom pays for it and we have a family account. Definitely worth it though because you can listen to an unlimited amount of music and you can download whatever you want as well!

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