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Guys oh my goodness I just about died last night!

So last night we had dress rehearsal for #babybigtrucks recital on Saturday and I just about died with all the cuteness! She was so stinking excited to be there with her little friends from her school. Side note she does dance right at school so I don’t actually take her to the dance studio which is really nice for me because I am not running around like a crazy person. It is also nice for her because she is with kids she knows and she is comfortable that way! Win win!

Anyway we got to the rehearsal site and we needed to change. Well her little friend Mya was there already so the two of them were running around like banchees hand in hand. So cute! We get them dressed and we ran into another little girl Alyssa from her class. All 3 of them are dressed and us moms are doing their hair and thankfully there were no tears! Small victories friends! Small victories! We had the girls line up together to do some photos and I also was able to get #babybigtruck to stand long enough to do a photo with me.

I’d share the photo of the three of them but I didn’t ask their moms if they would mind.

We go into the auditorium and wait our turn. We watched a few other numbers from the company and they were awesome. One number called HAMILTON was a tap dance done by older kids and they killed it! I can not wait to see it with them in costume. They were the only number that didn’t do their number in their costume. While they were dancing our girls who mind you are 3 and 4 sit in total amazement watching them. Like legit they did not move during the entire number!

Anyway, the girls were called up on stage for their number and they did so good! #babybigtruck had a little bobble when she was walking backward but she didn’t let that stop her! She almost fell but kept going! I was so proud! I can not wait to see them do it again on Saturday!

While we were there I was also able to see her dance photo proofs. Oh my cuteness overload! I just cant get over the prices for packages. The smallest package they offer is $60 bucks and you get 12 photos, 1 8×10, 2 5×7’s, and 8 wallets. Which is fine and dandy but ya know everyone and their mother wants a photo so thats not gonna work. I can get ALL the photos on a thumb drive with photo release for $150 but yeah no not so much. I think what I am gonna do is just narrow it down to the one photo I like the most and but the image and get the photo release for the one image. There are 4 total that I like so it is gonna be tough trying to get it down to 1!

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Pinky says:
    June 8, 2017

    Awww sounds like such an awesome dress rehearsal.

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      Nikki says:
      June 15, 2017

      She had a GREAT dress rehearsal and the recital itself was adorable!

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