Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know we did! The weather in these parts was amazing this past weekend and we fully took advantage as much as possible!

Friday I took off work because #babybigtruck had to go for a hearing test and see her ENT to check on her tubes! She was not thrilled to be at the doctors especially for the hearing test. Not really sure why because let’s be real it does not hurt to take a hearing test. We met with her doctor and he told us that the tube in her left ear is still in there, the right one fell out months ago which I am aware of. He also told me that if the tube is still in at her next appointment we will then talk about having to go in and take it out.

Once we left the doctor we picked up #babybigtruck2 from school then went home and got daddy and then set out for Sesame Place. We have never been there but have head good things about it from friends. A while back Groupon had a sale on admission to the park so I picked up 3 tickets. We picked a great day to go the weather was wonderful and we the park was not overly packed!

We got home and got the girls settled and in bed. I put #babybigtruck2 to bed and I realized that Mike was still MIA from putting #babybigtruck to sleep. I crept into her room and found them both sound asleep.

Love those two and their bond!

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and I took #babybigtruck2 with me to my allergy shot appointment while Mike took #babybigtruck with him to the vet for Toby. When we all got home I made lunch and then we got ready while we waited for Uncle Stink to get to the house for #babybigtrucks recital! She was super excited that we were all going. We got to the high school where the recital was being held and I took #babybigtruck to the dressing room area and got her ready then made my way into the auditorium. Her number was the 3rd one and they did AMAZING! They were so stinking cute! We were laughing so hard that we all were literally tearing up from it! I can not wait to get the overly priced video so we can watch it again and again! We also got to watch the Hamilton number in full costume and it was amazing! After the show we took photos and then went home.

Sunday morning the girls and I got up and got dressed and set out for church. We were there for both services and then we had to stay after the second service for the first of 2 VBS volunteer meetings. After the meeting the girls and I ran to Walmart to pick up a plastic pool for them to splash around in and then we went home.

They had a blast playing outside for the rest of the afternoon. #babybigtruck got to play with that little slide that we got from a sale group on Facebook for like 5 bucks. Its pretty neat because you hook the hose up to it and its a little water slide or you leave it be and its a regular slide. The little blanket I picked up at BuyBuyBaby a few years ago and it awesome because it is waterproof and its perfect to lay on any surface. Like I said we hung out for the rest of the afternoon then Mike grilled up some burgers I made some mac and cheese and we called it a day.

This coming weekend is Father’s Day weekend and as per the norm there is a bunch of stuff on the agenda including but not limited to a much-needed hair appointment, DWTS with my mom, and celebrating Mike!


  Hugs, Nikki

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