#babybigtruck2 Update

Gah! Guys I am so behind the 8 ball with updates on #babybigtruck2. I feel terrible because I was on point with monthly updates on #babybigtruck. #SecondKidProblems

The last monthly update I did on her was her 6 month update so today I am gonna do her 7, 8 and 9 month updates all together.

Lets start with 7 months shall we?

By 7 months she was sitting at about 18 pounds and just about 26-ish inches. Some of the notable milestones we hit this month were dropping the bottle right before bed and also dropping the middle of the night bottle. She was sleeping all night in her own crib which was awesome. She was finally sitting up unassisted without any issues. She would eat everything and anything you put in front of her. Her babbling really took off. Instead of the bottle before bed she was going to sleep with her binky. Most notable was she was dedicated to the Lord.

8 months. By 8 months we were still sleeping all night which was a beautiful thing! While she say unassisted she would fold her self forward. She started pulling herself up to stand if you held her hands. We had a pool party to go to so she went swimming for the first time. She was not impressed. she got her first tooth, her bottom left. She WANTS to crawl in the worst way but has not quite figured it out. First trip to DC.

By the time we hit 9 months we finally realized how to roll over. Granted she was doing this in her sleep but never did it during the day. Silly baby. She also mastered getting herself into a sitting position from laying down. We had a bout of roseola which was not fun. We transitioned from the bottle to a trainer sippy cup. She also FINALLY started to crawl! She got her second tooth. Had her first beach day. Went on her second plane trip. Throughly enjoyed her first cupcake. Experienced her first time on the ATV and Motorcycle.

So here we are now 10 months old and I still have yet to take her monthly photos. I really need to get on that! I also am starting to think about her first birthday which makes me want to cry but there is now way of stopping this. I already know we are doing a low key party as we just had a HUGE blowout for her dedication.

#babybigtruck2 you are are little baby and our last baby please don’t rush this on us. We love you more than you will ever know and I hope and pray that you know you are a special girl with a HUGE plan laid out by God. You daddy, sister and I love you!



  Hugs, Nikki

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