FL 2017

And another Florida trip is in the books and this time around it was a family vacation!

Back in August Mike, the girls, and I set out for a week vacation to FL to visit my dad and Molly. We were set to take the 5:50am flight out. I got up at 2:30am to check our flight status, which showed it was on time, and got myself tighter then woke up Mike and the girls. By 3:15am we were on our way. We got to the airport by 3:45am Mike dropped the girls and I off and went to park the truck. The girls and I were online to check in and I noticed on the flight board that the flight was on time still. Perfect. I turned to help #babybigtruck with something and all of a sudden everyone on line was pissed off. I looked at the flight board again and sure enough our flight was delayed…by 6 hours. EXCUSE ME?!?! Needless to say I was not happy about this. I called Mike to tell him he didn’t need to hurry back because of said delay and his response wasn’t a happy response. We got ourselves checked in and through security and set up camp in the waiting area of the airpot.

Now I wouldn’t have minded a delay had it been an hour or so but 6 hours with 2 little kids is not an ideal situation. I have to say though the girls were so well behaved while we say around. #babybigtruck2 had just mastered crawling so all she wanted to do was explore and #babybigtruck was happy to follow her around and keep her out of trouble.

By 11am we were told that we would be boarding soon and when that announcement was made there was a HUGE sigh of relief.

Seven hours in the airport and everyone was smiling!

We finally boarded and thankfully we were able to score first row seats. We flew on Southwest and they do open seating and with us being one of the first to board we had prime picking. I liked sitting in the first row because we had some extra leg space with is priceless with 2 little kids.

We got to Orlando and Dad and Molly were waiting for us. We grabbed our baggage and set out to their house. We had a great week just hanging out and relaxing. We didn’t have the best of weather other than that Monday which also happened to be the day of the eclipse.

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and hit the beach. #babybigtruck LOVED it and spent a solid 3 hours playing in the sand and the surf. When we got there I slathered the kids in sunblock and Mike and #babybigtruck were off. Meanwhile #babybigtruck2 and I hung out under the umbrella for a while. At one point Mike and I switched kids for a bit which was nice. We decided to head off the beach about mid-day and by the time we got the kids cleaned up and back in the car I noticed that Mike had some pretty bad sun burn. We stopped to get some after sun lotion for him then went home. Poor Mike was a red as a lobster by the end of the day when we were able to really see how bad it was. Poor guy was in bad shape.

Tuesday was Mikes birthday. We went to Bass Pro Shop for him to get his FL fishing license as he was going to spend all day Wednesday with his friend fishing while the girls and I hung out at the house with Dad and Molly. We also stopped at Small Cakes to pick up some cupcakes to celebrate both Mike and Molly’s birthdays.

Wednesday Mike went fishing and the girls and I hung out at the house. #babybigtruck asked to go swimming so we did and that was about all the day brought. It was nice to just kick back and relax.

Thursday was our last full day. The girls, Mike, and I went to a local park that had a fountain that #babybigtruck was able to play in. We walked around the park a bit, Mike and #babybigtruck hunted for geicos, and snakes, we went down a pier then we found a little beach as well.

Friday morning we set out for the airport and thankfully everything was on time. We got back to Jersey early evening which was nice. We unpacked and settled in for the night before the chaos of our everyday life kicked back in.

It’s always a good time when we go to FL for a week. Sadly now Irma is making her way towards FL and we are worried for Dad and Molly as they are not evacuating. I pray that they and everyone else who is being impacted by this HUGE storm stay safe.

  Hugs, Nikki

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    Jen says:
    September 7, 2017

    I’m so glad you were able to have that time with family! Sending lots of good thoughts to them during this scary time with Irma.

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      Nikki says:
      September 8, 2017

      Thanks! I really wish they would leave but they don’t want to. Did your family evacuate?

    • avatar
      Nikki says:
      October 6, 2017

      We did thanks! Always do when we go there!

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